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Miscarriage is diagnosed again, Jessie J laments that everything goes wrong (Photos) Confirmed to be infected

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British female singer Jessie J. (Photo credit: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

The famous British female singer Jessie J held her first small concert after a miscarriage. On January 3rd, she posted live photos and behind-the-scenes photos of the small concert on IG. She revealed that she was diagnosed with the disease and sighed during the performance. , Everything went wrong last year.

According to Wikipedia, the 33-year-old Jessica. Allen Jessica Ellen Cornish (Jessica Ellen Cornish) is a British singer and songwriter, better known by her stage name Jessie J. She was born and raised in London, England. She began her career at the age of 11. For Justin. Tim Black, Alicia. Keith and Christine. After Aguilera and other singers wrote famous songs, they began to receive attention. In 2011 she won the British Music Award. It is characterized by smooth one-character polyphony and a high-pitched and explosive voice. She is a female singer who can skillfully use her voice and has a range spanning four octaves.

After Jessie J signed a contract with Universal Records, a subsidiary of Universal Records, he released his first solo single “Do It Like aDude”, which ranked second in the UK singles chart. In 2011, Jessie J successively topped the charts in 19 countries including the United Kingdom, France, Ireland and New Zealand. After that, she focused on the song “Price Tag” and released her first album “Who Are You?” “(Who You Are”, released in the United Kingdom and the United States in February and April of that year.

In 2016, he dubbed Brooke in the American comedy and animated film “The Adventures of the Icefield: Comedy Hits the Earth”.

Participated in China‘s large-scale music talent show “Singer 2018” in 2018 and won a total of 5 championships, breaking the record since the show started. In the finals, she won this season’s singer with 47.49% of the audience’s turnout, and was also the first European-born singer in the history of the show.

Jessie J
British female singer Jessie J. (Image source: Wikipedia/CC BY 2.0)

Jessie J everything goes wrong in 2021

This performance is Jessie J’s first small concert after her miscarriage. She said in the performance that everything went wrong in 2021 and she had too many unforgettable experiences. At the beginning of 2022, the infection has been confirmed again.

Although the singing career went smoothly, Jessie J has always had problems with her body. As early as 2014, she was diagnosed as infertile by a doctor and asked to have her uterus removed immediately. However, she has been insisting on wanting to have a baby over the years, and she has tried various methods.

In late November last year, she posted a photo of the pregnancy test stick on IG. I thought it was good news, but after a closer look, it turned out that the baby in her womb had died. During the third check-up, the doctor told her that the baby had no heartbeat. She wrote at the time: “I’m still in shock, sadness overwhelms everything, but I know I am strong and I will be fine.”

In addition to being infertile, Jessica started suffering from Meniere’s disease in 2020. The disease caused her right ear to lose hearing and was unable to walk normally. Fortunately, she went to the doctor in time and her condition improved. According to her description of her symptoms, when she sang loudly, it sounded like someone running out of her ears.

Jessie J diagnosed with the disease in early 2022

On January 3, British singer Jessie J posted on social platforms, showing live photos and behind-the-scenes photos of a small concert, with the text “I got covid at this show. But the audience could clap in time.” revealing that he was performing. Infected with the new crown.

According to the performance photos shared by Jseeie J, it is speculated that the performance site should be in a small theater with densely populated people. In addition, the relevant personnel did not wear masks. It seems that the “recruitment” is unavoidable.

It is reported that this is Jseeie J’s first small concert after a miscarriage. She choked during the performance and said that she had experienced too many unforgettable experiences in 2021. However, now that 2022 is just the beginning of the year, Jseeie J is suffering from the new crown again, which can be described as plagued by disasters.

After the news of the confirmed new crown was exposed, many netizens said distressedly: I just had a miscarriage a while ago, and my body has not fully recovered. After working hard like this, my immune system is worse. I hope I can recover soon and get a good rest.

Even though fate has caused Jseeie J to suffer severe physical damage repeatedly, she has always been strong and optimistic, facing up to difficulties, and believing that this time she is infected with the new crown, she can also recover.

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