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Missed Opportunities: The Decline of Films Released Before the Spring Festival

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The Beijing News: The number of films released before the Spring Festival is decreasing

In the past seven years, the number of films released before the Spring Festival has been decreasing. The Beijing News interviewed theater operators and audience representatives, calling for more high-quality films to enter this period to heat up the film market.

Mr. Chen, a theater manager in Beijing, and Mr. Ma, a movie fan, both expressed their concerns about the lack of new films scheduled before the Spring Festival. They believe that small and medium-cost, high-quality films should make full use of this opportunity to release, tap market resources in unpopular schedules, balance the film schedule, and attract more audiences to theaters.

In recent years, there has been a significant decrease in the number of new films released in the month before the Spring Festival. Currently, there are no significant new movies scheduled in the mainland market in the two weeks before the Spring Festival. The top films in the box office list have been released for several weeks, leaving a gap in the film lineup of theaters.

The current situation is attributed to “schedule dependence syndrome,” where film studios, theaters, and audiences heavily rely on important schedules like the Spring Festival. This has led to a vicious cycle, where film studios are unwilling to release movies before the Spring Festival, resulting in no new movies being screened in theaters and audiences developing consumption habits limited to important schedules.

To address this issue, it is essential to tap the market resources of unpopular schedules and make the film schedule more balanced. Mr. Chen suggested that film studios should dare to be pioneers in the market, allowing competitive blockbusters to enter unpopular schedules and drive consumption. Additionally, releasing classic films during non-important schedules could also attract audiences and achieve good box office results.

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The lack of films before the Spring Festival also presents an opportunity for a variety of films, including animated, artistic, and approved films, to make full use of the period. By diversifying the types of films released before the Spring Festival, the film market can achieve a relatively healthy development trend.

In conclusion, the film industry needs to pay attention to the balanced development of schedules, allowing room for both blockbusters and small films. The overall goal is to create a healthy film market environment and alleviate the dependence on important schedules.

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