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Mo Yan’s online live broadcast for the new version of “Life and Death Fatigue” attracts millions of fans to watch “in the cloud”

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Mo Yan’s online live broadcast for the new version of “Life and Death Fatigue” attracts millions of fans to watch “in the cloud”

2022-01-10 17:06:45Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News A few days ago, Mo Yan, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, together with two old literary friends Yu Hua and Xichuan, held an online press conference for the new version of “Life and Death Fatigue”. The two live broadcast platforms of Douyin and Bilibili received a high number of views. 3 million people, and many young netizens poured into the live broadcast room, triggering a barrage interaction frenzy.

“Life and Death Fatigue” is one of Mo Yan’s representative works. The reporter learned from the publisher of the new edition of “Life and Death Fatigue” today that the book topped Dangdang’s new book list within a week of its release. The Douyin sold more than 10,000 works in two days, and the publisher stayed overnight. 100,000 copies were printed.

Two literary giants live-streamed memories of their classmates’ friendship

In the minds of the public, Mo Yan and Yu Hua can be described as two peaks of Chinese literature, but few people know that the two are still roommates who have lived together for several years – Mo Yan and Yu Hua are classmates of Beijing Normal University Lu Xun College of Literature, or “sleep up and down” Brother of the shop”, in order to support his long-term friends, Yu Hua specially came to participate in the online press conference of the new version of “Life and Death Fatigue”. During the live broadcast, the two recalled the past on the campus. Yu Hua said with a smile that he was “extremely happy” when he was assigned to the same dormitory with Mo Yan by the school, because “I have been fascinated by Mo Yan for a long time.”

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When asked by netizens about their campus life in those years, Mo Yan recalled that when they lived in the same room, he was writing “Wine Country”, and Yu Hua was writing his “Shouting in the Drizzle”, “There is only a cabinet between us, so we can I can hear the rustling of each other’s nibs rubbing against the manuscript paper, and even the sound of each other’s breathing.” There is a gap in the middle of the cabinet, and when I am tired of writing, when I lean back, the two of them will always meet each other’s eyes. In order not to interfere with each other, Mo Yan finally hung a calendar in the middle of the cabinet to block the seam. Only then did he “successfully complete their respective novels”.

The immortal friendship between the two top authors of Chinese literature amazed netizens. This friendship is not only in life, but also reflected in spiritual exchanges. After the publication of “Life and Death Fatigue”, Mo Yan gave Yu Hua a copy at the first time, and Yu Hua was fascinated by it at that time. Recently, Yu Hua re-read this book, “Every paragraph grabbed me tightly… I saw tears in my eyes.” Yes, but Mo Yan is more prone to crying, he even cries when he watches a TV series.”

During the whole press conference, netizens interacted enthusiastically, and they all said that “the mask was cracked” by the two masters’ laughter. Some netizens left a message saying, “I originally wanted to study literature, but now I just want to listen to talk shows.”

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Yu Hua on “Life and Death Fatigue”: The first feeling after reading it is jealousy

When recalling the feeling of reading “Life and Death Fatigue” for the first time in the live broadcast, Yu Hua said frankly: “The first time I felt jealous, but the second time I read it, I was happy. I am happy for Mo Yan and also for our Chinese literature. .”

In the form of six reincarnations, “Life and Death Fatigue” tells the story of Ximen Nao’s reincarnation as a donkey, cow, pig, dog, monkey, and finally a defective big-headed baby. Yu Hua highly praised the writing style of “Life and Death Fatigue”. No second person in China can write it. Even if it is as long as 430,000 words, it can still make people quickly enter the play and read it heartily.

Yu Hua couldn’t help but connect “Life and Death Fatigue” with his masterpiece “To Live”, he said, “I think if you want to use a certain book in Chinese literature to explain what “Live” wrote, using “Life and Death Fatigue” is the best. Okay. And vice versa, if you’re going to explain what ‘Life and Death’ is about, it’s ‘To Live’.”

I hope that the text will bring readers a deeper value

In the sequence of Mo Yan’s works, “Life and Death Fatigue” is indeed one of his most important works. Mo Yan himself has expressed his love for Life and Death Fatigue many times. He said that this book is the work that he regrets the least, and also admitted that if he only has two works that can be handed down to the world, then there must be one of “Life and Death Fatigue”.

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During the live broadcast, Mo Yan was very excited when he recalled the creation process of his book. He mentioned many times that he was “extremely excited” at that time, “shivering and shaking his legs while writing”. He spent 43 days on this story, which has been conceived for 43 years. All in one go.

Mo Yan said that this book may have been in his mind since childhood – Mo Yan dropped out of the fifth grade of elementary school and started the life of a cow herding baby for 10 years. Having plunged into nature, he made friends with cattle and sheep, and talked with pigs and dogs. During this process, he began to think that what the human eye sees might be different from what the donkey, ox, and sheep see. Maybe there is a human soul hidden in the heart of every animal. Based on this, Mo Yan wrote the book “Life and Death Fatigue”.

When Mo Yan interacted with young people across the Internet, when interpreting “Fatigue of Life and Death”, he also mentioned that he hoped this book would give readers a deeper value – when the pain cannot be resolved, it is better to jump out and see the world, we are in the universe. What is the value of fame and fortune above the dust, our success or failure? Laughing out loud in times of extreme pain may bring deep relief.Photo courtesy of Sun Huan Publishing House, an all-media reporter of Xi’an Newspaper Industry


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