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Modern Stars – Termination – Album Review

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Modern Stars – Termination – Album Review

Modern Stars – Termination
Origin: Rome / Italy
Release: 01.03.2024
Label: Clostridium Records – EU / Little Cloud Records – USA / Sister 9 Recordings – UK
Duration: 44:05
Genre: Heavy Psych / Drone / Krautrock

Pleasingly difficult to classify Modern Stars, a band from Italy that falls somewhere in a melange of Krautrock, endless sound escapades and misty psych sounds. Her fourth album Termination now follows a concept known in theoretical computer science as the halting problem. This means that there is no general algorithm that can solve a theoretical problem by taking into account all possible inputs.

Modern Stars convey this approach to human life in general. Here, too, there is no generally binding recipe at the beginning of life that can make any statement about the course of a biography. Every now and then, more or less radical course corrections have to be made. A man’s story is retold in seven songs. In the opener If/then his lack of trust in computer technology becomes clear, followed by his disorientation Nowhere, his escape into religion Confession as well as in cooperative social models Organization.

All of this just to find happiness in love and redemption and to achieve absolution in the end Be Pure and Come Down is expressed. In Bartleby The protagonist is disappointed and nihilistically rejects everything she offers HERE you can see in the sparingly staged video.

Just like the concept, the songs are quite unwieldy and often have a rather fuzzy melodious quality. The additional female vocals give the songs an interesting touch, but are used quite sparingly. All sorts of electronic effects make the songs appear more multidimensional and give the techno-philosophical concept an additional level of authenticity.

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In terms of quality, there are no differences compared to the predecessor. Was Space Trips for the Masses The fourth album is an excursion into endless expanses Termination rather, the spotlight is on itself and shows the hurdles that an AI still has to overcome in order to be able to compete with the natural intelligence of humans.

A concept that combines philosophy and technocracy meets fuzzy sounds and extravagant psych rock constructs. With Termination succeeds in this Modern Stars and they place an interesting album with their own trademarks. 8,5 / 10

Line Up
Andrea Merolle – electronics, guitars and vocals
Barbara Margani – Gesang
Andrea Sperduti – drums
Mario Bruni – Bass

01. If/Then
02. Nowhere
03. Confession
04. Bartleby
05. Organization
06. Be Pure
07. Coming Down

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Bandcamp Modern Stars

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