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More Sophisticated Autonomous Vehicles Electric Cars Without Crews, Interested in Trying?

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More Sophisticated Autonomous Vehicles Electric Cars Without Crews, Interested in Trying?

If you’ve ever seen a movie where a car drives itself, it turns out that it’s true that it already exists in Indonesia and it’s the first time Hadi has been in BSD. The Autonomous Vehicle, an unmanned electric car, has been inaugurated in operation in the Q Big BSD City shopping center area and its surroundings in May 2022.

Mom was curious some time ago and immediately tried the Autonomous Vehicle, an electric car without a crew, with enthusiasm, of course. Sinarmas is at the forefront and is, this initiative is a continuation of the strategic partnership between Sinar Mas Land and Mitsubishi Corporation. Then, this initiative also received funding support from JICA. Where are the routes and their advantages?

More Sophisticated Autonomous Vehicles Electric Cars Without Crews, Interested in Trying?

Of course mom was very interested, coincidentally had an appointment with a friend in the The Brezee BSD area, and at the same time wanted to try to ride an Autonomous Vehicle Electric Car without a crew, which is of course special. There are certain schedules and routes that have been implemented, before boarding, of course, look at several routes, as well as the rules while riding the Autonomous Vehicle, an Electric Car without a crew.

Prior to operating autonomous electric vehicles, Mitsubishi Corporation together with MACNICA Inc. successfully conducted the first phase trial of the Navya Autonom Shuttle at QBig BSD City last May – July. Furthermore, the trial will continue in the BSD Green Office Park (GOP) area from 27 August 2022 to 5 January 2023.

Autonomous Vehicle Unmanned Electric Car, in Nusa Dua Bali

So how was the route during the trial period, and the Autonomous Vehicle Electric Car without a crew is also present in Bali. I’m more curious.

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AV has just participated in the Electric Vehicle Exhibition in Nusa Dua Bali, which is the official side event of the G20, which is being held by the Ministry of Transportation on 11 – 16 November 2022. It further adds to the list of advantages of the Indonesian state which is serious about advancing a smart and environmentally friendly transportation system.

Autonomous Vehicle Unmanned Electric Car, official side event from G20

Exactly where is the Autonomous Vehicle?

Autonomous Vehicle, an unmanned electric car, is now in Green Office Park, BSD City. We can try AV, up from The Breeze Main Lobby.

How do you try to ride an Autonomous Vehicle, an unmanned electric car?

Friends can try it for free, the only way to do this is to give your opinion about AV through a survey on the OneSmile application. It’s easy.

Is there an Autonomous Vehicle schedule for an unmanned electric car, the latest?

AVs can be tried on until 21 December 2022, then AVs will be exhibited inside The Breeze area from 22 Dec 2022 to 04 Jan 2023.

Intrigued by this technological sophistication which is considered environmentally friendly, friends can also come directly to the Autonomous Vehicle, an unmanned electric car at The Breeze BSD.

The purpose of Autonomous Vehicle is an unmanned electric car, present in Indonesia

The existence of improvements in technology and new things certainly makes people more enthusiastic, and according to Sinar Mas Land Group CEO, Michael Widjaja said, the application of digital technology is sought by various parties including the private sector to improve the quality of life. So that in the future it can improve the economic and social community.

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Completeness and Autonomous Vehicle Technology for unmanned electric cars

The unmanned electric vehicle named Navya, the Arma variant, has an electric drive and a battery pack with a capacity of 33 kilo Watt hour (kWH) which can last for 9 hours, is designed with dimensions of 4.7 meters x 2.1 meters with a passenger capacity of 15 people, with 11 formation sitting and 4 standing.

In addition, it is equipped with a variety of sensors ranging from the utilization of the Global Positioning System (GPS) LIDAR (Light Radar) sensor combined with a high-resolution camera for big data analysis. Then, it will be processed by a computer that has high specifications embedded in the car. This unmanned electric transport has the ability to accelerate, navigate, and be able to detect environmental conditions around it, including avoiding obstacles and making autonomous stops.

Experience the Autonomous Vehicle of an unmanned electric car

Riding or trying an Autonomous Vehicle, an electric car without a crew, is something new for moms. In order to be able to keep up with increasingly sophisticated technology, of course the public also adheres to safety standards in driving with this unmanned car. Such as using the right seatbelt, sitting and standing according to applicable regulations.

Indeed, the BSD area is at the forefront, to the point that mom wants to live in that area because it is cleaner, more orderly and more sophisticated in its application of technology. Sinar Mas Land’s Chief Digital Tech Ecosystem & Development, Irawan Harahap, said that the development of this unmanned electric vehicle ecosystem strengthens the spirit of realizing Sinar Mas Land’s commitment to providing solutions for vehicles that are low in carbon emissions and encourage a sustainable life.

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The sophistication of the features of this unmanned electric vehicle also reflects the lifestyle that is presented in BSD City in the transformation of an independent city as smart integrated digital cityparticularly in ecosystems digital hub full of digital technology activities.

In the second phase, this unmanned electric vehicle operates every Tuesday-Sunday from 10.00 WIB to 17.00 WIB. The general public can try this autonomous electric vehicle for free without being charged any additional fees.

Then, prospective passengers need to register and fill out a survey before and after enjoying the vehicle through the OneSmile application available on the Apple App Store and Google Playstore.

If you want to bring children, the public can try an unmanned electric vehicle which is being tested with the condition that the child’s height is at least 120 cm and gets assistance from parents.

For information, Sinar Mas Land is a property developer that has several programs as a form of responsibility in environmental preservation.

These programs include the construction of the Green Office Park green area, Green Building certification, Malls without walls, pedestrian paths, as well as various events to build public awareness of the importance of preserving the environment.

It turns out that it’s getting more sophisticated and easier, I hope this useful technology can continue to improve and help people carry out their daily lives. Hope this information helps.

Greetings healthy everyone.

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