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Moreau crossed Milei for wanting to reverse their votes on two bills

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Moreau crossed Milei for wanting to reverse their votes on two bills

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Cecilia Moreautoday crossed the pre-candidate for president for La Libertad Avanza, Javier Miley, for his request to modify the negative vote to the laws that eliminate the proof of life that the passive class had to present to collect their assets and the declaration on Amia. In addition, he questioned his intention to repeal the privileged retirement of all politicians in the event of reaching the presidency, recalling that they were eliminated more than 20 years ago.

“Milei I remind you that privilege retirements were repealed in 2002, what you call ‘privilege retirements’ are the salaries received by teachers, scientists“, assured Moreau in the first place, from his social networks.

The retirements of privilege

Milei had expressed today in a tweet addressed to the Minister of Economy and presidential candidate for Union for the Homeland (UxP), Sergio Massawhat “our program eliminates privilege retirements. Those huge pensions that you politicians charge while the majority of Argentines earn the minimum. We come to end the job of politics.”

Viviana Canosa asked Javier Milei about the preparation of lists with Sergio Massa and received an unusual response

Moreau also asked Milei: “Can you tell us why you contribute to a retirement system that you consider privileged?”

Milei’s request to change her vote in Congress

In this sense, the president of the body added that “it is clear that you are not very attentive to your votes, such as the change that you wanted to make five days after your vote against declaring July 18 as National Mourning Day for the AMIA Attack or you negative the Faith of Life is eliminated that our older adults had to present”.

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Milei sent a note to Moreau yesterday to modify his negative vote to the package of initiatives agreed between the majority of the political blocs in the session of July 5, in which the project that eliminates the faith of life that he had became law to present the passive class to collect their assets and the statement on Amia.

“Nonsense”: the Government ruled out that Javier Milei had negotiated lists with Sergio Massa

Milei should be more attentive in the session and read the rules. I never saw a thing like it“he added in statements to Ramón Indart, in Radio The Network.

On the other hand, he took the opportunity to deny the rumors of alleged electoral links between Milei and Sergio Massa. “What is said about the alleged arrangements between Massa and Milei are media hoaxes“.


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