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Mr. Bison – Echoes From The Universe – Album Review

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Mr. Bison – Echoes From The Universe – Album Review

Mr. Bison – Echoes From The Universe
Origin: Cecina / Italy
Release: 16.02.2024
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
Duration: 41:17
Genre: Progressive Psychedelic Rock

Foto Credit: Mr. Bison

They started out as a stoner rock trio Mr. Bison have always taken a step forward in their development. Not every fan of the early days will have liked this, because there isn’t much left of the simple, blues-influenced stoner of the early days.

But Mr. Bison are continuously progressing in their musical development towards the master class. Despite the wonderful last album Seaward from 2020, the distance appears to be new Echoes From The Universe once again breathtaking. But a lot has happened as the band has grown from a trio to a quartet.

The musical standards have also increased, compared to the old albums like Asteroid and Holy Oak In terms of development, there are light years between them and the current status. This won’t please everyone, but it will bring the band more fans overall than they leave behind in whining old fans. Echoes From The Universe is written for everyone who has always been looking for a band that is in the same league and complexity as Howling Giant, King Buffalo and Baroness spielen.

What’s left of everything?

The band continues to stick to the mythological content. That was the case with the predecessor Seaward nor about Greek mythology, so it is dedicated Echoes From The Universe the Nordic world of legends. But it’s not just about telling old stories, but about connecting them with your own thoughts about origins, the present and the future. Mr. Bison interweave the legends with their understanding of self-determination of one’s own path and contrast this with the thesis of one’s own immovable fate.

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But it’s not the lyrics that catch your eye first and foremost, but rather the sound constructions. Not much remains of the simple and energetic performance of the first works. At first there was the bending and sweating body, feels Mr. Bison 2024 looks more like an armada of moving musical tentacles.

It has become a progressive and multi-layered trip that challenges the listener with its maturity and psychedelic complexity. You stand in front of a huge, moving carpet and can see the fine handwork, but you can’t yet grasp the pattern as a whole. Nevertheless, you immediately feel that you have something impressive in front of you, but it is only after several runs that you manage to recognize all the interwoven passages and nuances.

Looking for the most beautiful detail

When everything sounds so great, but perhaps too progressive for the newcomer, it is difficult to identify the most beautiful of the dazzling pearls. The rhythm of many songs, like… HERE opener to listen to The Child Of The Night Sky, is just as impressive as the complexity of the sound layers introduced. Of course you also feel like role models Pink Floyd and Yes in songs like Collision or at The Promise. But Echoes From The Universe still has its own simply incredible size to offer.

Every listener will have to go on their own journey and immerse themselves in the progressive, playful world of the developed world Mr. Bison have to listen. Despite the complexity of the songs, the band never makes the mistake of overwhelming the listener with ideas that are too fiddly. There are short numbers as well as long pieces, but they are always based on harmonious, polyphonic singing. For anyone who is curious and would like to get a quick impression of the band, maybe… The Veil, HERE for first listening, the best choice.

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On Echoes From The Universe, Mr. Bison offer us a huge progressive sound carpet that immediately seems beautiful, but is hardly manageable in detail. The polyphonic vocals and the underlying psychedelic sounds create a feeling of size, connection and infinity. But the willing listener is quickly captivated and feels right in the middle of the new, great cosmic sound work. 9/10

Line Up
Davide Salvadori – acoustic guitar, synthesizer, Hammond organ, mellotron, bass
Matteo Barsacchi – guitar, bass, synthesizer
Matteo Sciocchetto – Gitarre, Bass, Gesang
Lorenzo Salvadori – drums

01. The Child Of The Night Sky
02. Collision
03. Dead In The Eye
04. Fragments
05. The Promise
06. The Veil
07. Staring At The Sun

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