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“Mrs. Huzhu” Tencent video hits plot, high-energy characters vividly lift the pattern of ancient puppets-China Entertainment Network

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  China Entertainment News www.yule.com.cn Jointly produced by Penguin Films, Jiaxing Media, Houhai Culture, and Xiaoyao Films, it is exclusively produced by Jiaxing Media. Gao Chen and Li Eryun are the chief producers, Yang Mi and Chen Weiting lead the stars, and Xu Kaicheng, Chen Xiaoyun, Wang Sen, Yuan Yuxuan starring More than half of the airing of the ancient costume sadomasochistic legend “Madam Hu Zhu” has been broadcast.

According to relevant statistics, as of now, “Mrs. Hu Zhu” has been played more than 2.3 billion on Tencent videos, and the number of webcasts in a single day has exceeded 141 million. It has exceeded 100 million in a single day for 13 days. In November, the list of effective content broadcasts for members of the entire network series. Single first, the ratings of Beijing Satellite TV hit a record high. The major authoritative lists, including the Vlinkage TV series broadcast index, the Guduo popularity index list, and the Detavin TV series prosperity index list, show that the show has continued to be popular since its launch. With the high-energy advancement of the plot, it is firmly occupied. The forefront of various data indexes. “I can’t stop it”, “It’s on the top”, “Too much to blame”, and “Every pair is on the top” are praises from many audiences for this drama. And the reason why this drama can be broadcast for many days is still hot because of the continuous plot and the vivid and three-dimensional characters.

  “The tip of a knife licks candy”Intriguing can’t stop the plot, meticulous sadomasochism doubles

Love and destiny are important propositions in contemporary puppet dramas. The emotional drama in “Madame Huzhu” is sweet and sad, and it is closely tied to the heartstrings of the netizens who follow the drama. Fang Zhu finally plans to respond to Haishi’s feelings and live a serious life for himself. Just as the “quadratic” couple is about to get married to HE, and the audience enjoys the “high sugar” at this moment, the plot takes a sharp turn and goes crazy and “stabs”. Fang Zhuyin’s connection with Baixi bears the poison for Dixu, so “fate is impermanent.” “The setting of the plot has pushed the intertwined sense of sweet sadism to the peak. After being poisoned, Fang Zhu knew that he was running out of time, so he chose to let the sea go into the palace with reluctance. He was looking forward to boating with his lover the day before, and turned around to push her into the embrace of others. As the plot develops, netizens sigh or sigh with joy for the fate of the people in the play. This kind of sadomasochistic plot of knife licking candy is really understood by “Mrs. Huzhu”.

The plot of “Mrs. Huzhu” is intertwined, and the carefully laid out plot weaves a net for sadomasochism. Fang Zhu set up a game to let Zhuo Ying leave. In this game, he calculated the opponent’s plan and wanted to kill Zhuo Ying with the lilies. He simply drew salary from the bottom of the tank, first arranged for Liuliu to fake death, forcing Zhuoying to “rebel”, and then he was right about Haishi’s temperament, knowing that she would definitely not be cruel to Zhuoying. When the two brothers and sisters staged the drama of En Jue Jue, Zhuo Ying gained the trust of Hu Ku. The whole process was closely linked, Fang Zhu predicted everyone’s choices and deduced the situation he wanted. The neatness and rigor of this plot gives “Mrs. Huzhu” an extra layer of fatalistic tragedy. The series did not open the “God perspective” to the audience, but followed the main line of the plot, and the fate of the protagonist slowly paved the story, making the audience worried with the ups and downs of the sweet abuse in the play, so immersive and “shared with the characters” The “destiny” mode of watching a drama can very much drive the audience’s emotions in chasing the drama.

  “The Rise of Female Consciousness” “Madam Hu Zhu” Raises the Pattern of Ancient Puppet Drama

In addition to the tightly linked plot presentation, the positive value output of the play also “refreshed” the audience’s understanding of the pattern of ancient puppets. As Yang Mi said, “The pattern of “Mrs. Huzhu” is very large.” Yang Mi’s Haishi is enthusiastic and straightforward, with clear love and hatred. She will have hatred for the superiors because of pity for the common people’s suffering and harsh government, but she will also choose to guard the border because of the righteousness of the family and the country. The seemingly contradictory choice actually fits the heroine’s gentle and sharp character. When the Haishidian defended, a section of the imperial examination policy asked the word “Zhu Ji” in “On the Pearl”, whip into the inside: “People die every year, and owe pearls every year. People die for pearls, and pearls are more expensive than people. Why? If you don’t do it, harshness is fierce than the raging waves, and it is still better than the mackerel.”

The safety of the family and the people in the world are no longer just the background boards in the old puppet dramas, they have become the real worries and hearts of the heroine Haishi, and the growth and struggle of the heroine also begin. From a girl who started out in love, she grew up to protect the weak and strong woman, then became a heroic female warrior fighting on the battlefield, and then there was a courageous, compassionate and righteous “Mrs. Huzhu” among the world‘s population. Haishi walked out of the small fishing village, and then walked from Jifeng Pavilion to Chaotang. After the battle of Huangquanguan, she saw a bigger world. After becoming a superior, she went to Xiping Port as a concubine for disaster relief, and grew into a true “big heroine” step by step.

In the past, heroine dramas always loved the heroine to cut off love. After thinking that she was let down by the hero, she turned into a heroine who was engaged in a career. “Mrs. Huzhu” is not out of the ordinary, the heroine Haishi is not let down by the male lead. She knows the male lead’s heart and decides to protect everything that the male lead guards. It is precisely because she has a little love in her heart that she can be more righteous. In addition to the sea market, the blind girl Liu Liu chose to take poison to fake death to a foreign country, but she still protects Zhuo Ying in the secret when she changes her identity, and protects her career. Regardless of the theme of the ancient puppet drama, she can present the two-way guardianship and side by side of the lover. Fighting is also a rare part of the atmosphere in domestic dramas. It’s no wonder that “Mrs. Huzhu” can be praised by netizens sincerely, “female power can be felt from the plot”.

With the broadcast of the series, more and more viewers perceive the sincerity of this Tencent S+ year-end finale drama, and are moved by the quality of the drama. Word of mouth is gradually reversing. And I believe that as the plot ushered in a climax, the audience will not let “Madam Huzhu” become “the pearl of dust” after all. It is reported that “Mrs. Huzhu” is being broadcast exclusively on the entire Tencent Video network. Members update 2 episodes every Wednesday to Sunday at 20 o’clock, with 6 episodes for the first update; non-members update 1 episode every day, with the first update for 2 episodes. On November 29th, we will start to update 2 episodes per day for members, and 1 episode per day for non-members. Beijing Satellite TV updates at 19:30 every night, 2 episodes are currently on the air.


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