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My sister denied that Celine Dion was seriously ill and paralyzed. How was Celine Dion’s condition?

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  [Sister denies rumors that Celine Dion is seriously ill and paralyzed]

  #Sister denies Celine Dion’s serious illness and paralysis rumors#, How is Celine Dion sick? Recently, Celine Dion suddenly posted on social media that many concerts were cancelled due to physical reasons.

According to media reports, Celine Dion, a famous Canadian singer, was rumored to have been severely ill and was unable to get out of bed and was nearly paralyzed. Her health was spread to the outside world, but Celine’s sister Cloutit denied to French magazines that although she was ill, it was not as serious as reported. She said: “What happened to her is indeed very sad, but it is not serious, otherwise she will definitely tell me”, “now I know she is in good shape.”

In an interview with Canadian media recently, Celine Dion’s family revealed, “Her leg and foot pain made her almost paralyzed. She is very weak and has lost a lot of weight. She can no longer get up, move or walk by herself. It may take a long time for this disease to recover. If the situation does not improve, it may take months or even a year of rest.”

In late October of this year, Celine Dion personally announced that due to health issues, her concert scheduled to be held at the newly completed Resorts World Theater in Las Vegas on November 5 was cancelled. “This decision broke my heart.” She wrote, “My team and I have been working day and night for our concert for 8 months. Not being able to stage in November made my disappointment beyond words.”

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