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My Ten Years | “The Spirit of the Red Detachment of Women” is also the spirit of our Zhongba people_Central Ballet_Qionghua_Role

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My Ten Years | “The Spirit of the Red Detachment of Women” is also the spirit of our Zhongba people_Central Ballet_Qionghua_Role

Original title: My Ten Years | “The Spirit of the Red Detachment of Women” is also the spirit of our Zhongba people

Narrator:Zhang Jian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, Deputy Head of the Ballet of China, and Principal Starring Member of the Communist Party of China

Zhang Jian on stage

The Red Detachment of Women is a landmark work in the history of Chinese ballet. This work, which was born in the early days of the founding of New China, gave Chinese ballet its own representative work. To be able to play the role of the protagonist “Qiong Hua” in “The Red Detachment of Women” is the dream of almost every Central Ballet actress.

In 1992, “The Red Detachment of Women”, which had been suspended for many years, was rehearsed. I was still studying at the Beijing Dance Academy and saw this well-known work in China at the Beijing Tianqiao Theater, and the vivid and vivid roles played by the artists of the Central Ballet left an indelible mark on me. impression.

In 1996, I officially joined the National Ballet of China and began to play some group dance roles in The Red Detachment of Women. At that time, I always dressed up in advance and sat in the corner of the side stage to study the performance of “Qiong Hua” on the stage. I hope to be able to perform this role on stage one day.

In 2002, I finally got my wish and became one of the fifth generation “Qiong Hua”! In order to get closer to this role that is far away from my life, I don’t know how many times I’ve watched Mr. Zhu Xijuan’s film and the video material of the ballet version performed by senior artists. At that time, the main creative teacher of the ballet “Red Detachment of Women” would also come to give us lectures, and we would go to the army many times for closed training and experience the life of the army. The place where the story takes place in the play – Qionghai, Hainan, we went to collect the wind several times and listened to the real women’s army soldiers tell us the stories of the year…

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In addition to participating in the theme practice activity of “Going deep into life and taking root in the people”, in terms of technology and role shaping, my senior teachers have given me too much careful guidance and help. At that time, Feng Ying, the head of the group, passed it on and gave me “one-to-one” teaching. From the first action on the stage to the expression of every breath and eyes, it is really from the hair to the tip of the toes. Under such careful carving, I have made rapid progress.

Before I knew it, I had been playing the role of “Qiong Hua” for 20 years. As I grow older and my life experience continues to enrich, my grasp of this role has also changed from “painting a scoop” from the very beginning to now that every action is made from the heart. I also deeply felt that the audience under the stage also had a heart-to-heart communication with me because of my heart-to-heart interpretation. In the north and south of the motherland, even on the stage of the Melbourne Art Center in Australia, the Lincoln Center Art Festival in New York, the United States, and the “April Spring” International Friendship Art Festival in North Korea, whenever the audience co-authors “The Red Detachment of Women”, there is a rhythm. When I was applauding warmly, the moment I greeted the audience on stage as a “Qiong Hua”, my heart was full of emotions, and my eyes were filled with tears unconsciously…

In recent years, the sixth-generation “Qiong Hua” of our Central Ballet has also bloomed on the stage. On the basis of inheriting the classics, we also injected some flavor of the times into “The Red Detachment of Women”. Our interpretation of the characters is more refined, showing more delicate inner feelings of the characters… We hope to attract more audiences in the new era through such changes, especially young audiences, let them understand Chinese ballet and remember the deeds of martyrs .

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“The spirit of the Red Detachment of Women” is also the spirit of our Chinese Ba people. “Qiong Hua” has a resolute character and a firm commitment to the revolution. Her energy is in line with the spirit of a ballet dancer. Every ballet dancer is constantly tempered with sweat, blood and tears before she can finally stand on the stage and show her own beauty. brilliance. Like other seniors who have played this role, while “Qiong Hua” has grown from a wild girl covered in whip marks to a staunch revolutionary fighter, the spirit of positive progress and tenacious resistance in the character’s bones is also infected. I. This tenacious fighting spirit inspires me to continue the artistic life of ballet dancers.

And because of the story of “Qiong Hua”, I have seen countless hardships and tribulations that the Chinese Communist Party has gone through for the liberation of the people. I learned from the predecessors who played the role of “Qiong Hua” to be loyal to the party, never change their minds, never change their aspirations, and never destroy their integrity at any time and under any circumstances. Therefore, I resolutely joined the party organization. I hope to carry forward the party’s great achievements by passing on classic works like “The Red Detachment of Women” from generation to generation.

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