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Namacheko Unveils New Murabi Sneaker Collection | HYPEBEAST

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Namacheko Unveils New Murabi Sneaker Collection | HYPEBEAST

Part of the Namacheko Archives category, Murabi sneakers are made in Italy and cut from recycled leather to depict the shapes and boundaries of unknown lands. Murabi is designed with dense patterns and its finely cut upper leather. Reveals the vulnerability of cultural identities expressed in patterns of geographic boundaries. The use of recycled leather is an important feature of Murabi sneakers, with fine patterns re-engraved from leather obtained from stock. Choosing refurbished leather has its benefits and oddities. Because the zero-waste cutting technique results in modest differences in color and texture. Sharp edges blend in with the odd irregular shape of the leather. An allegory that can be thought of as an expression of cultural identities defined by boundaries that give us a flawed sense of belonging. The new Namacheko Murabi Sneaker is now available in two new colorways on Namacheko’s official channel, and the limited edition gray colorway will be released on the brand’s official website.

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