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NAMESAKE 2023 Spring/Summer Collection “LIFE GUARD” Officially Appears | HYPEBEAST

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NAMESAKE 2023 Spring/Summer Collection “LIFE GUARD” Officially Appears | HYPEBEAST

After the cutting-edge fashion brand NAMESAKE was selected for the Paris Fashion Week for the first time with the 2022 autumn and winter series “HOME COURT” last season, this time the team went to Paris to prepare and release the latest show of the 2023 spring and summer series “LIFEGUARD”.

The story begins ten years ago when a high school graduation ceremony was interrupted by the help of one of the three brothers, Michael. Tormented by dermatitis, he quickly fell into a cycle of distress and delusions fueled by intense self-doubt, and was hospitalized. In that dark chapter, his younger brother Steve stepped forward and flew across the world to take care of him for the next 6 months until his recovery.

“The surface is never the same as the inside. Our appearances also struggle to convey our inner state, our hopes, fears and struggles. Sometimes it takes the closest people to pull us back from the brink.”

This two original concept runs through NAMESAKE 2023 latest spring and summer series “LIFE GUARD”,Not only a delivery of the dark moments of brothers’ lives, but also a tribute to New York, the city of brotherly love – a place of comfort, a place to dream, a place of love and tolerance and acceptance.

Play with visual dislocation in the fabric design of clothing: the seemingly stiff fabric feels soft to the touch; it looks thick, but it is actually quite thin. A draped Boxy Tee draped over Baggy’s trousers; shards made from hidden beads mimic the pockmarked appearance of acne-plagued skin, depicting Michael’s mood during that dark ebb.

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In addition, they look forward to achieving an “alternative vision” through fabrics, using their research on novel textiles and traditional techniques to express ideas and stories. Deadstock striped weave, inspired by the pattern of beach loungers, fades in and out; combined with fabric techniques hand-painted and dyed by Japanese artisans to achieve a rusty-like effect, giving a layer of haze. These counteract the layering of 3D modeled deconstructed graphics, creating a sense of tension full of conflict.

Continuing the brand’s philosophy of sustainable innovation, new fabrics have been specially developed that incorporate recycled elements from various sources such as goggles, industrial ash and fruit pineapples. Finally, this season, NAMESAKE collaborated with Birkenstock for the first time and made its debut at Paris Fashion Week.

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