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Nana Jacqueline unveils first season of Halo

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Nana Jacqueline unveils first season of Halo

On the occasion of 520, Nana Jacqueline launched the first season of its Halo works. This series interprets the mysterious charm from a new perspective, and the rich tones interpret the ultimate elegance. The exquisite expressiveness and unconstrained artistic design meet here, leading everyone to explore the unique design of Halo. idea.

From the vast ancient Greek mythology to the grotesque and mysterious symbols, metal buckles and geometric figures have a unique charm of both sexiness and strength, symbolizing temptation and desire, femininity and strength, protection and wisdom. Halo uses metal buckles and geometric figures as the design elements of the first season series, boldly creates them with exquisite craftsmanship, constantly explores the infinite possibilities of artistic expression, and is committed to making Halo a symbol of beauty and mystery.

Nana Jacqueline

Halo constantly explores the beauty of modern freedom, focusing on experimentation and innovation. Different elements transform into a sexy and soft mysterious dream. It creates sculptural tailoring with ingenuity, explores the interaction between fashion and the body, and empowers women’s bodies in different dimensions. Ingeniously unfold the layered concerto. From metal buckles, lines to geometric shapes, they are all style elements of the Halo brand. It is expected that Halo will become world-renowned for its sculptural silhouette design in the future and become a fashion brand known as a “sculpture designer”.

nana jacqueline

Nana Jacqueline

At the same time, Halo will continue the concept of NJ, create fashion from a cross-field perspective, show the artistry of fashion through materials, colors, styles, etc., and lead women to explore their own charm and strength.

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