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NCT DREAM’s Renjun Speaks Out Against Sasaeng Fans: Threatens Legal Action

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NCT DREAM’s Renjun Speaks Out Against Sasaeng Fans: Threatens Legal Action

NCT DREAM member Huang Renjun attended the occasion for the brand new album “DREAM( )SCAPE”. (ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP through Getty Images)

[I-Epoch Times, Juni 11, 2024](Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled and reported) Huang Renjun, the Chinese member of the favored Korean group NCT DREAM, suspended actions in April this yr as a consequence of poor well being early this morning (eleventh) The platform foam revealed that he had been abused by “sasaengfan ” (followers who go too far into the personal lives of artists) for a very long time. He mentioned he’ll sue these individuals in the event that they proceed to invade his personal life.

Renjun posted a protracted put up on Bubble, the place he talks to followers. He began by saying that he hopes everybody will perceive what he’s saying since he cannot speak to the general public and he feels depressed on the similar time. He admitted that though he suffered from despair and anxiousness, he persevered as a result of he didn’t need to have an effect on the members till he fainted and determined to relaxation.

He mentioned that when he was recovering, he went to a membership to get better shortly, however he mentioned that when he noticed individuals saying that he was nonetheless sick, he felt very chilly. He requested if sick individuals can keep of their rooms, take medication and cry in despair? His aim is to get better shortly in order that he can return to NCT DREAM to do actions with the members, so he tries to do energetic issues to heal himself. However, regardless of this, his personal system was nonetheless attacked by unlawful meals.

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Renjun mentioned that he as soon as met a scoundrel who sat subsequent to him on a aircraft and filmed him sleeping till he confidently advised him, “I’m not following you.” Apart from being confused as to how these individuals obtained the details about the aircraft, he was additionally below strain as a result of these individuals beloved him a lot.

He did not finish there, he additionally revealed that “there have been many calls right this moment” and he answered the cellphone considering it was a supply individual, however the image proven on the opposite was an image of NCT members, which made him ask “Is this actually simply luck” He additionally mentioned that irrespective of how massive the opposite group is, they won’t let go of those that abuse his personal life, and he’ll sue these individuals via legal professionals, hoping that these individuals will use their time and power? in the appropriate place.

Renjun mentioned that if these individuals often hearken to NCT DREAM’s songs, their relationship can nonetheless be good NCT DREAM and Xizhen (nickname for the official fan title NCTzen), but when it includes private life, he’ll say These individuals declare warfare , permit these. individuals have been punished, and the corporate is prepared, so hopefully everybody can preserve good relationships and make good reminiscences.

Renjun reiterated that these phrases weren’t supposed for abnormal Xi Jinnie (followers), he wished to make use of this to warn those that are harming NCT DREAM via unlawful actions.

Not solely that, he additionally revealed the cellphone variety of Sasaeng who had been calling him. Renjun mentioned that evidently solely by permitting these individuals to undergo from the conditions he encountered can they return to the appropriate path. But regardless of this, Renjun mentioned that these unlawful followers have been doing the identical factor on the similar time, which made him helpless “Everyone has been warned, and there are nonetheless individuals who proceed to do that. Renjun additionally mentioned that he didn’t This state of affairs can be allowed to proceed.

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Although Bubble is a paid dialogue discussion board, below regular circumstances, content material posted by artists on this discussion board shouldn’t be disclosed. and on the similar time he requested the followers many instances I perceive that what he mentioned right this moment was as a result of he was very depressed and anxious to inform the story below the final step Therefore, the followers who broadcast not solely what Renjun mentioned, but additionally varied Korean media reported Renjun’s phrases I hope that sasaeng meals can Stop torturing life singer’s personal as quickly as doable Fans from everywhere in the world and want Renjun a speedy restoration on SNS.

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