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Neighbors from the west of Bariloche denounce a subdivision in a mall

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Neighbors from the west of Bariloche denounce a subdivision in a mall

A group of residents of the Casa de Piedra and Pájaro Azul neighborhoods denounced an allotment in the mallín of kilometer 12 of Bustillo avenue and asked that the sector be declared a protected area.

“We noticed that they began to clear the lot to build, they wired the sector and put a container. We remain on alert. We know that it is a lot that is not for sale because the succession is processed in Buenos Aires, but the area that is a mallín must be protected,” explained Paula Nye, a neighbor of the Casa de Piedra neighborhood.

Immediately, the residents requested an inspection from the Bariloche Department of Private Works. “It is a wetland that acts as a gray water purifying filter from three neighborhoods that surround it, such as Casa de Piedra, Nahuel Malal and Pájaro Azul, to pour these waters into the lake on Bahía Serena beach,” Nye insisted, adding: “In addition, it is populated with numerous species of native vegetation that harbors a variety of birds, rodents and other species that make up a delicate ecosystem”.

Claudio Otano, Secretary of Urban Development of Bariloche, was blunt: “There are no chances of building anything in that place.”. He mentioned two ordinances from 2005 and 2006 that prohibit any construction on this type of land.

“That property is abandoned because it is part of a succession that has not been resolved for many years. In a mallín, the plots are periodically flooded. For this reason, to protect any intervention in such an environmentally fragile area, the state suspends building permits”, indicated the official.

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It recognized that the Department of Private Works carried out several inspections for attempts at works in that place, with acts of infringement. On the last occasion, it was found a work in progress without municipal authorization in an area of ​​20 square meters, with movement of soil. The file was forwarded to Misdemeanor Court 1.

“We are behind anyone who wants to do something about these lots. The western development plan does not allow building in that area. Constantly, there is a state interventionOtano said.

But he considered the need to promote a draft ordinance that contributes to the area the protected area status “to settle the situation”. “It has wetland status according to the Organic Charter. But we need a legal instrument that complements and improves it because they are private lands”, he pointed out.

It would be opportune, he added, for the state to have control of those lots, either by negotiating with the owners or through an expropriation.

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