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NEIWAI Presents ‘Presence: Body and Clothing’ at 2023 Autumn and Winter New Product Exhibition

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NEIWAI Presents ‘Presence: Body and Clothing’ at 2023 Autumn and Winter New Product Exhibition

NEIWAI, a lifestyle brand specializing in intimate clothing, recently unveiled their highly anticipated 2023 autumn and winter collection in Shanghai. Titled “Presence: Body and Clothing,” the exhibition showcased a range of elegant and dynamic pieces inspired by Flamenco dancers.

The concept behind NEIWAI’s exhibition revolved around the dual meanings of “body presence” and “clothing presence,” aiming to provide contemporary women with clothing choices that align with their real body feelings and demands. The collection featured a mix of underwear, casual wear, sports attire, and other intimate clothing options.

The NEIWAI Inside and Outside 2023 Autumn and Winter New Product Exhibition showcased soft and powerful curves as its main design element. The venue was adorned with natural woody green plants, creating a delicate and inviting ambiance. The rich and warm color palette reflected the unique temperament of the upcoming season’s products.

Within the exhibition space, delicate wool series and ballet dancing series were strategically displayed under an oval-shaped glass ceiling, allowing natural light to illuminate the products. The ballet dancing series perfectly complemented the space’s arc structure, creating an elegant and graceful ambiance. The festival series, featuring the vibrant “Flamenco Red” color, surrounded the back area of the exhibition space, exuding chic and refinement.

NEIWAI’s 2023 autumn and winter collection drew inspiration from Flamenco’s emotional and straightforward aesthetic language. The collection seamlessly integrated soft inner layers with bright outer layers, catering to the diverse life scenes of modern women. The wool skin layer, offered in fine silk plush, cashmere, merino wool, and water-soluble wool, catered to different seasons and occasions. Each piece was crafted with durability, convenience, and easy care in mind, fitting the body curve flawlessly and presenting a soft and feminine style. Additionally, NEIWAI introduced an environmentally friendly wool soft suit made with ultra-fine merino wool and fishnet nylon, adhering to sustainability principles while ensuring a crisp and neat appearance.

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NEIWAI also debuted their ACTIVE line, which combined sports aesthetics with everyday style. The ballet dance series within the ACTIVE line incorporated loose sweaters, woven trousers, and draped outerwear, showcasing a modern mix of ballet and Flamenco dance imagery. The Ski Resort ski series, designed for outdoor sports during the snowy season, featured waterproof and windproof fabrics alongside soft and warm wool materials.

The 2023 autumn and winter collection from NEIWAI will be available for purchase through their official online store as well as their offline stores across the country. Contemporary urban women can look forward to a wide selection of functional, casual, and fashionable clothing choices that cater to their needs, all while embodying NEIWAI’s signature style.

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