Home Entertainment Netizens are looking forward to the second part of Li Yifeng’s “Dark Night Walker”

Netizens are looking forward to the second part of Li Yifeng’s “Dark Night Walker”

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Netizens are looking forward to the second part of Li Yifeng’s “Dark Night Walker”

Original title: Li Yifeng’s “Dark Night Walker” ends and netizens are looking forward to the second part

Starring Li Yifeng and Song Yi, and starring Feng Delun, the hard-core suspenseful anti-drug police and bandit drama “Dark Night Walker” has recently ended. Since the show’s launch, the popularity of iQIYI has exceeded 8,000, and the rating on the site is as high as 8.6. As the chaotic mystery unfolds layer by layer and the mysterious stories behind the characters are peeled off one by one, the audience’s level of appreciation for the series has also increased. During the broadcast, the two roles of Luo Xiang and Chen Mo played by Li Yifeng accounted for nearly 90% of the attention. With its compact and reversible rhythm, hard-core brain-burning plot and extremely high degree of actor completion, the whole drama drives immersive viewing of the whole network.

“Night Walker” went all the way, and many “tap water” and “passer-by fans” praised the show’s coolness and laughter. In the play, Li Yifeng plays six identities in one breath, policeman, drug lord, dad, undercover agent, informant, driver, cos himself, and licks blood with the tip of his knife to complete the task, and escapes into the trap anytime, anywhere. In terms of topicality, drama fans have turned on the microscope special effects one after another, ranging from a playful fight scene to an opponent scene full of comedy effects, as small as a cigarette butt, a shirt, and a micro-expression. scrutinize.

From “Gu Jian Qi Tan”, “Zhu Xian Qing Yun Zhi”, “Psychological Crime”, “Mirror Twin Cities”… This is also Li Yifeng’s N+1 interpretation of “BE” learning, which made many netizens heartbroken. On the closing day, the topics related to Nightwalker kept changing, such as “Nightwalker Finale”, “Nightwalker I cried”, “Nightwalker reluctant”, “I want to see Nightwalker Part 2” and so on all on the list. By the end of the game, Nightwalker can be described as It’s a complete domination.

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In addition, during the broadcast of the episode, “Li Yifeng’s temperament changes in the 15 years since his debut” also appeared on the hot search. From “Psychological Crime” to “Animal World“, “Secret and Great”, “Night Walker”, Li Yifeng has been constantly out of his comfort zone. In the process of growing up, Li Yifeng continued to try to cooperate with new directors and screenwriters to interpret original scripts. “Secret and Great” and “Night Walker”, two projects with dramas and then novels, have both gained very good reputations. He also admitted frankly in an interview: “At the age of 35, I have slowly entered an age that is not bad for actors, especially for movies. To play some more mature roles, to give life to you. Your experience, as well as the experience you get from growing up, are brought to the film.”

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