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Neuquén neighborhood commissions warm up to vote in September

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Neuquén neighborhood commissions warm up to vote in September

The neighborhood commissions began the electoral process in the city and this weekend the process of re-registration of new residents. There are 48 neighborhoods in the city, several organized by sectors with neighborhood commissions.

The residents of each neighborhood must be on the register of the sector both to vote and be a candidate, and to endorse the lists that are presented for community work.

The organized neighborhoods carried out the process during the week, the requirements were simple: bring the DNI with address within the radius of the neighborhood and fill out a form at the neighborhood office.

To apply, the members of the lists They must be domiciled in the neighborhood, with at least one year of residence in the sector, be registered and not have municipal debts.

The list must be made up of 14 members, plus two proxies. Lto the Undersecretary of Neighborhood Associations, in charge of Claudio Marchetti, is in charge of the processwhile in the Deliberative Council, the mayors have already defined the members that will be part of the Municipal Electoral Board, in case intervention is required.

On Monday, the last group of neighborhoods must present their registrations at the sub-secretariat for Neighborhoods of the municipality.

The elections will be in the anniversary month, after the central festivities of 12 of September. The first call will be 17 and the second group of associations in voting, will be for the 24.

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“The registration went well, we thought that more people would come, there is a lack of habit of registering,” said Emiliano Sayago, president of the Centro Este neighborhood commission.

This neighborhood sector will vote on the third Sunday in September, in the second group of neighborhood elections, as organized in the schedule. Because he is in his second term, Sayago will not run again, although he assured that he will continue to work with the same line of neighborhood supporters that accompanied him in the current commission.

The register of Centro Este reached 1,200 residents, although according to estimates, it should have been much more, due to the great population growth that they had due to the construction in height. Where once there were one or two houses, today there are buildings.

The last re-registration was in 2018, before the pandemic. Most of the neighborhoods renewed their neighborhood registers in 2014 and 2018, which is why the re-registration process was so important in order to renew and update neighborhood activity in the sector.

“The idea is that pThey can choose those who represent them and resolve among all the problems that arise. There should be a little more participation, in the buildings you don’t get to know each other, let alone who your neighbors are on the block, that’s why you have to register and participate, follow the activities, endorse the list and be a good neighbor,” said Sayago.

You vote in two shifts: Sundays 17 and 24

The first in votar the September, 17th they will be the residents of Alta Barda, Gamma, Altos del Limay, Copol, Central West Area, South, Bardas Soleadas, Barrio Nuevo, Bouquet Roldán, Colonia Nueva Esperanza, Cuenca XVI, Cumelén, Islas Malvinas, Rio Grande, La Sirena, Islas Malvinas , San Lorenzo North, South, Santa Genoveva, Terrazas del Neuquén, Valentina Nore (rural and urban) – Valentina Sur (rural and urban), Villa Farrel and Villa María.

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For the 24th it was established the voting in Sapere, East Center, Channel V, Industrial Park, Urban and Rural Confluence, Don Bosco II and III, The Progress, Effort, Great Neuquen North and South, HiBePa, ​​Huiliches, Union of May, Gregorio Alvarez, Belgrano, Moreno , Limay, Melipal, United Provinces, Corner of Emilio, Villa Ceferino and Villa Florence.

In addition to the Executive, with Claudio Marchetti and Aladino Mardonez, iare members of the Municipal Electoral Board to the councilors: María Victoria Fernández (MPN), Marcelo Zuñiga (FDT), Denisse Stillger (Together for Change – PRO), Nadia Márquez (DC), Camilo Echevarría (FRIN) José Luis Artaza (Together for Change – New Commitment) Juan Peláez (Together for Change-UCR), Guillermo Monzani (Together for Neuquén) and Cecilia Maletti (Libres del Sur).

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