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New films are rising in quality and quality——Seeing the recovery trend of my country’s film market from Shanghai International Film Festival_中国网

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Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, June 18. Title: The quality and quality of new films are rising — from the Shanghai International Film Festival to see the recovery trend of my country’s film market

Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Xiaoqing Wang Peng

The nine-day 25th Shanghai International Film Festival announced the Golden Goblet Awards on the evening of the 17th. The three domestic films “Worthy Trip”, “The Eighth Suspect” and “Looking for Her” in the main competition unit all won awards, showing the greatness on the screen. “China Power”. At the same time, during this year’s film festival, domestic film crews competed on the red carpet, held premieres or trial screenings, warmed up for the “Dragon Boat Festival” and “summer vacation”, and injected vitality into the national film market in the second half of the year. .

“Dragon Boat Festival” sprint, “summer file” warm-up

This year’s Shanghai International Film Festival has become an important stage for the debut of new domestic films. Among the films that have been set for the “Dragon Boat Festival”, directed by Han Yan, “I Love You!” focuses on the emotional life of urban elderly people. ” became the opening film of the film festival. Also targeting this schedule are “She Who Disappeared” and the Hong Kong-Mainland co-production “Don’t Call Me “God of Gamblers”” and so on.

Films aimed at this year’s “summer file” have also “landed” at the Shanghai International Film Festival. For example, “In the Octagonal Cage” directed and starred by Wang Baoqiang, and “Enthusiasm” directed by Dapeng, the latter also became the closing film of the film festival.

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It is worth mentioning that the three domestic films in the main competition unit of the Golden Goblet Awards at the Shanghai International Film Festival this year all won awards at the film festival and have accumulated a good reputation. The film producers and distribution companies are already predicting the follow-up market reaction. Among them, “Worth the Trip”, which won the Best Director Award and Best Actor Award, announced at the closing of the film festival that it will be released in September.

Many new Chinese-language films that appeared in this year’s Asian New Talent section also entered the field of vision of theater managers. Some of these works highlight dialect features and regional characteristics, and some are full of creative ideas. He Wenquan, director of the Shanghai International Film and Television Festival Center, said that more participating films are also expected to be screened in theaters in the future, which shows that the film festival is a large platform that helps to discover and recommend more fresh and high-quality film sources, and enriches the supply of the domestic film market. Has a promoting effect.

Effective supply comes first, and the “weekend file” is ready to go

“Good products and ‘weekend files’ complement each other and are expected to lead to a faster recovery of the Chinese film market.” During the film festival, Liu Jia, one of the authors of the “2023 China Film Industry Research Report” and an industry analyst, pointed out that in recent years, domestic top Films rely heavily on traditional holidays, especially the Spring Festival. If the “weekend files” can be further developed in the future, it will be a “good opportunity” for the producers and distribution companies.

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Not long ago, the relevant departments made it clear that they will make every effort to restore and do a good job of “weekend files” in the near future.

According to the practice of the film industry, “weekend file” mainly refers to the three-day schedule from “Friday to Sunday”. This year’s Shanghai International Film Festival happened to span two relatively complete “weekend stalls”. Since the pre-sale started, the box office has been rising all the way. After the Shanghai Film City, the main venue of the film festival, was rejuvenated and “returned”, it once led the national box office, which also confirmed the important value of “weekend files”.

During the film festival, more filmmakers began to focus on how the popularity of “weekend files” has steadily increased. Liu Jia believes that the high-quality supply of film products is the basis for making any schedule stronger, so as to meet the people’s growing demand for watching movies.

Hard work, steady recovery, promising market outlook

During this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival, new domestic films frequently appeared in the pre-sale stage, that is, “full house”, which reflects the enthusiasm of the audience for movies.

In addition, in the past, awards outside the main competition unit received less attention. But in this year’s Asian Newcomers section, there are many Chinese and foreign films, and many domestic films have attracted the attention of industry insiders and audiences.

Since the beginning of this year, the quality and quantity of my country’s film production has risen, and the market is picking up. Yin Hong, vice chairman of the China Film Association and professor of Tsinghua University, said at the film festival that in order to better meet the needs of the people for high-quality film works, we need to continue to increase the production capacity of excellent domestic films and drive more audiences with high-quality works Entering the theater, enriching everyone’s spiritual and cultural life.

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According to relevant experts, to promote better development of the film market, we must first start from the source of production, and “incubate” more high-quality films through the joint progress of all links in the industry chain such as film investment, industry guidance, production, and publicity; The second is to guide the film studios to make good use of every “weekend file”, actively tap the potential of the industry, and stimulate vitality, so that the film market is expected to heat up faster in the second half of this year.

[Responsible editor: Han Yajie]

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