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New form, new combination and new interpretation-“Ode to the Red Flag” sings red in October

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Caption: Official image of the performance scene

“Under the same banner, we are in a row, under the same clear sky, we hold up arms, the red flag summons us to build a strong and prosperous nation, shoulder the mission of pioneering and enterprising, and rush forward to create eternity and glory.” Tonight, accompanied by “Ode to the Red Flag” With surging melody and sonorous singing, the “Ode to the Red Flag” large-scale choral symphony concert was performed at the Shanghai Symphony Hall. The concert was played by the Shanghai Popular Orchestra by Shen Chuanxin.

Composer Lv Qiming’s “Ode to the Red Flag” created in 1965 warms the memories of generations. No matter when and where, when this magnificent melody sounds, people will always wet their eyes unconsciously. Over the past 56 years, it has been played repeatedly by different orchestras. No matter where you are in China, you can hear this familiar classic work. It is hailed as “The People’s “Ode to the Red Flag”.”

Tonight’s “Ode to the Red Flag” is presented in the form of a chorus symphony, and the lyrics written by the lyrics writer Xue Xixiang for “Ode to the Red Flag” were reviewed verbatim by Lu Qiming. Concert chief Wu Shufang said: “Lao Lu (Lu Qiming) is a 91-year-old’old revolutionary’, rigorous, humble, and approachable. The lyrics approved by him cannot be mistaken, and the score must be interpreted according to the final version. change.”

“The red flag is flying high under the beautiful blue sky, and the solemn red flag is shining, with you in our hearts we ignite hope, with you in our hearts, our ascending golden faith, setting off the backbone of the nation.” “The red flag is flying high in the spring breeze of laughter, sacred The banner is full of sunshine, we have you in our hearts. We set sail, and we have you in our hearts to realize the great rejuvenation of the nation and start the soaring of the century.” The lyrics flowing from the heart closely follow the pulse of the times, and the deep emotions contained in the words move the young and old at the scene.

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It is worth mentioning that in addition to the “Ode to the Red Flag” with new forms, new combinations and new interpretations, three generations of musicians from the old, middle and youth gathered together to perform the piano concerto “Yellow River”, the violin concerto “Looking for Beijing with Deep Feelings”, The cello concerto “Looking for Dreams”, the male and female duet “True Love Forever” and “Youth Song”, the female solo “Sequoia Tree”, the symphonic chorus “Towards Glory”, etc., won bursts of applause.

Tonight, not only the audience who turned in the concert hall, there are more fans watching the performance on the online platform. The concert was co-sponsored by the China Symphony Development Foundation and the Shanghai International Cultural Exchange Association, and BesTV TV, as the co-organizer, broadcasted the concert live. Wang Xinyi, chief content officer of BesTV TV, said: “We should shoulder the responsibility and mission of new media in this era, spread the red classics through the Internet, and let more young people understand the charm of symphony.”

(Xinmin Evening News reporter Zhu Yuan)


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