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New Generation Director Zeng Guoxiang Shares Insights from Beijing International Film Festival Venture Capital Projects

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Zeng Guoxiang Joins 14th Beijing International Film Festival as Venture Capital Judge

The 14th Beijing International Film Festival recently held final review roadshows for its project ventures on April 19th and 20th. Director and producer Zeng Guoxiang, known for his delicate and caring directorial style, served as the judge for this year’s project ventures, marking his first participation in the Beijing Film Festival.

Zeng Guoxiang, a new-generation director adept at capturing social issues and phenomena, was invited to join the festival as a venture capital judge at the end of last year. He expressed his excitement at the opportunity to connect with young creators and offer assistance to new filmmakers. Additionally, he saw this as a chance to gain inspiration from his peers and explore impactful works and scripts.

During the venture capital project, one of the works that deeply impressed Zeng Guoxiang was “Half Familiar Family”, a touching story revolving around a family of three sisters and their parents. He emphasized the importance of “people” and “emotion” in a script, believing that these elements can resonate with audiences across cultures and propel a drama to international success.

Zeng Guoxiang was struck by the diversity of this year’s venture capital projects, noting the variety of themes and expressions showcased by the scripts. He commended young creators for pursuing their dreams and embracing different styles, signaling a maturity in their storytelling approach.

Despite his own reputation for emotional depth in his works, Zeng Guoxiang maintained an unbiased perspective when evaluating the venture capital projects, valuing the pure expressions found in the debut works of new directors. He encouraged young creators to watch diverse films, explore different roles in filmmaking, and expand their knowledge through reading books to enhance their creative perspectives.

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The venture capital projects at this year’s Beijing Film Festival have yielded promising scripts and ongoing film negotiations, signaling a positive industry ecosystem that pleased Zeng Guoxiang. The director highlighted the importance of accumulating experiences and drawing inspiration from various sources to develop a unique style and enhance the quality of storytelling.

As the festival concluded its project ventures, Zeng Guoxiang’s inclusive approach towards young creators and his emphasis on nurturing creativity and diverse perspectives left a lasting impact on the film industry. (Reporter Yuan Yuner and intern Xie Jingwen)


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