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New in the week | “1921” and “Revolutionary” open the party’s history and science complementary awards season, the most beautiful hand-painted animation in the mainland_Li Dazhao

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Original title: New in the week | “1921” and “Revolutionary” kick off the party’s history, science popularization awards season, the most beautiful hand-painted animation on the mainland


In order to welcome the “July 1st Gear” commemorating the centenary of the founding of the party, almost no new films were released in theaters last week.From June 21st to 27th, the mainland’s weekly box office closed at 428 million yuan, down 20% from the 532 million yuan in the previous week.“1921”, which was screened for three days, brought 74.58 million box office and became the champion of the week without accident.

The biggest highlight of the theater this week is the two key films of the centennial of the founding of the party that were officially released with 7.1.《1921》with“Revolutionary”. The former took the party’s major convening as a clue and mainly showed the group portraits of revolutionary ancestors. The protagonist of the latter is Li Dazhao, a pioneer of communism, who has deeply portrayed his nobility and unyielding on the revolutionary road.

The two films can be viewed in contrast. The different interpretations of the same character are very interesting, and they also complement each other in the details of historical knowledge.

Powerful actor Zhang Songwen played He Shuheng in “1921” and Li Dazhao in “Revolutionary”. He is the most present actor among the stars.

Irish anime “Wolfwalker”It will land on the mainland this Saturday. This film has been nominated for many awards, and the hand-painted style is also very gorgeous and the visual is very distinctive.There is one that nobody cares aboutDomestic suspense comedy “The Cliff”Also released this week, I am afraid I can only be cannon fodder…

In terms of resource films, Japan’s annual anticipated masterpiece“Rurouni Kenshin Final Chapter Ren Zhu Chapter”Has been online. The story is not as full as the previous one, but the action scenes are still exciting. “Dancing Out of My Life” director’s newMusical “On the Heights”It tells about the anxiety of young people from ethnic minorities in New York, and young people in China may also have sympathy.

There is also aTurkish film “Life as Paper”, Telling about the tragic situation of the poor and ordinary people at the bottom, has some similarities with “How to Think of Home”, which has sparked a lot of discussion.

More highlights ↓↓

[Forecast of new movies in theaters]


Release date in Mainland China:


Expectation index: four stars

One sentence recommendation

A mix of literary + war + spy war elements

A panoramic view of the historical moment of the convening of the First National Congress

Ten years ago, director Huang Jianxin and Han Sanping co-directed “The Great Cause of Party Building”. From the outbreak of the Revolution of 1911 in 1911, it has been recounting major historical events in the 10 years until the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held in 1921.For the centenary anniversary of the founding of the party, Huang Jianxin took the lead in directing a gift film featuring dozens of stars. In comparison,The main body of the narration is more concentrated, mainly telling the tortuous course of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China around 1921.

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The film takes Li Da and Wang Huiwu, played by Huang Xuan and Ni Ni, as the protagonists. From their experience of organizing and participating in the preparation of the grand convening, many patriotic youths have broken through the monitoring and tracking of various complex forces, and gathered in Shanghai to hold the No. The second congress, witnessed the passionate experience of the founding of the Communist Party of China. From domestic to overseas, from the May Fourth Movement, the workers’ strike to the founding of the party, the major events around 1921 were basically accounted for.

Due to the large number of characters, the film basically focuses on explaining events and popular science and historical facts, and does not portray a certain predecessor too deeply. Some elements of spy war were added when talking about the intervention of foreign forces. At the end, there were scenes of war when I briefly reviewed the history of the founding of the nation. The perceptions were quite diverse.


The Pioneer

Release date in Mainland China:


Expectation index: four stars

One sentence recommendation

Looking back on Li Dazhao’s short life fighting for his ideals,

Zhang Songwen’s lines and acting awards

This gift film, produced by Guan Hu and directed by young director Xu Zhanxiong, shows the sadness and passion of the “Awakening Age” from the perspective of the individual. The film takes Li Dazhao as the protagonist. In the 38 hours before he was executed by hanging, various forces were still actively organizing rescue operations against him, and the enemy was also doing everything possible to torture him, but there was still no progress.

When anxious, a young “policeman” went into prison and wanted to impose a new sentence on Li Dazhao, and the revolutionary memories of his life kicked off…

“Revolutionary” is not filmed as a conventional “life of Li Dazhao”, but through multiple bystanders’ perspectives, it expresses his unyielding belief and lofty belief in the revolutionary struggle.Zhang Songwen wants to support a movie by himself, and the amount of drama and lines are very large, and his acting skills are also worthy of praise.

As a multi-star movie, you can still “count the stars”.



Release date in Mainland China:


Expectation index: four stars

One sentence recommendation

Won the “Animation Oscar” Best Feature Film Award,

The story of the girl who subverted the world view after entering the wolf pack

Irish hand-drawn animation “Wolfwalker” has also been introduced. The film has won more than 30 awards and nominations including Oscars and British Film Academy Awards, and won the “Anne Award” for best independent animation known as the Oscars in the animation session. Feature film.

The team that created “Song of the Sea” and “The Secret of the Kell” still brings an imaginative story. A little girl named Robin came to Ireland from England with her hunter father Bill. His father was sent by the leader to wipe out the wolves in the nearby forest. Robin also had the ideal of becoming a hunter and entered the forest alone in order to prove himself to his father.

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In the forest, Robin met Miba, a girl who looked like her age and possessed the magic power of wolves and humans. Soon, two girls who were curious about each other became friends, and they joined hands to save the forest from human hands.

What the film wants to convey is the familiar core: human beings ultimately have to pay for their greed. The wolves in the film are angry and retaliate against humans because their survival is threatened.Visually, this hand-drawn two-dimensional animation is colorful and has a unique line beauty that three-dimensional animation does not have. It is worthy of a big screen experience.


The Last Judgment

Release date in Mainland China:


Expectation Index: Samsung

One sentence recommendation

Wang Xun starred in a suspenseful comedy,

A group of little people vie for survival on the edge of the cliff

Looking at the title, it is easy to think of the spy war drama Zhang Jiayi once performed, but this film has nothing to do with that, it is about a group of small characters. Wang Xun plays Lao Yu, a single father who drives a sightseeing car and lives in a small seaside town. A group of little people living on different trajectories at the bottom of society got into Lao Yu’s car on a typhoon day, but embarked on a life-threatening journey to the cliff by accident.

A group of people with different goals are struggling on the edge of the cliff of life and death crisis. The chances of survival are getting slimmer, and in order to survive, the good and evil of human nature also explode.

Although there are familiar faces of celebrities, there is no publicity for the film before it is released, and its presence at this time is also very low. The fate of the cannon fodder is scheduled.


“Rurouni Kenshin Final Chapter Ren Zhu Chapter”

Release date in Japan:


Word-of-mouth index: three and a half

One sentence recommendation

Japan’s national action IP film series ushered in the end,

The action coach of former members of Donnie Yen’s team brings the biggest highlight

At this year’s Shanghai Film Festival, the two “Rurouni Kenshin Final Chapter”, which are hard to get a ticket, are now available to watch the upper part of “Ren Zhuan” online.. As the end of the series, the film also brought together popular actors such as Takei Sato, Saki Takei, Makensuke Nitta, Nobuyuki Aoki, Yu Aoi, Kasumi Arimura, etc. The lineup is very strong.

The background of the film era Twelve years after the Meiji Restoration Movement, the once domineering executioner Kenshin Himura has become a pacifist, living a peaceful life in Tokyo with his friends.

However, Tokyo was attacked one after another, and only a note was left at the scene of the incident that read “Ren Zhu”-this means that someone is preparing to “walk the way for the heavens.” Jianxin discovered that it was his late wife’s younger brother who planned all the conspiracies. He held a grudge against Jianxin and brought a group of his men to avenge him. In the end, the two also had a duel.

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As a highly popular IP,The story of “Ren Zhu Pian” is slightly scribbled, and the growth line of the characters is not as exciting as the previous work. The Japanese style with roaring lines also makes people feel too two-dimensional.

Fortunately, the action scenes in the film are exciting enough,Kenji Tanigaki, who once worked in the team of Donnie Yen, learned the essence of Chinese action movies very well and created his own style.His joining has made “Rurouni Kenshin” both the speed and strength of martial arts, and it is not bad to watch movies purely for fighting scenes.

“On the Heights”

In the Heights

Release date in North America:


Word-of-mouth index: three and a half

One sentence recommendation

The director of “Dancing Out of My Life” made another song and dance film,

Focus on the self-struggle of the Washington Heights Hispanic community

The director of the hit musical “Hamilton” and the director of the classic musical “Dance Out of My Life” joined, Let this “In the Heights” become a popular music movie in North America this year.

The background of the film is set in the “Washington Heights” of New York, an area where immigrants are concentrated. In a Hispanic community, many young people are struggling with life difficulties: the male protagonist Usnavi is all about making money, but is not recognized by the society. His girlfriend has a dream of being a designer, but because there is no credit guarantor that meets the standards, it is difficult to rent a house to survive. Another young man, Nina, was the only person in the family who was admitted to Stanford. Under tremendous pressure, she had the idea of ​​escaping…

For young people in China, some of the anxieties in the movie also resonate. However, musicals also have to face the question of whether the music is in line with personal aesthetics. Whether you like it or not is a matter of opinion.

“A Life Like Paper”

Paper Lives

Release date in Turkey:


Word-of-mouth index: three and a half

One sentence recommendation

Turkish version of “Why Home”

The bottom of the slums cannot get a warm life

A realistic movie from Turkey. Mehmet lives in a poor old neighborhood in Istanbul,

He runs the waste warehouse in this neighborhood, and at the same time helps everyone around him who needs help. Meh always pays special attention to homeless children, because he used to be a homeless child.

One day, Mehmet met a little boy Ali with a miserable life, so he decided to take care of him. After spending time with the boy, Mehmet seems to have found meaning in life. However, the ending is amazing: Ali is just an illusion in his mind, his desire for a warm life.

Poverty, lack of care, and ultimately lead to precision, is really a sufficiently tragic and realistic story.The slums of Istanbul were photographed very artistically, and I probably wanted to weaken the heavy atmosphere. The cold reality after the beautiful fantasy is even more heartbreaking.

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