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New Reality-Themed Film ‘Hot Search’ by Director Xin Yukun Explores Internet Justice

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“Hot Search” Set to Hit Theaters Nationwide on December 1st

Beijing, September 22 – The highly anticipated movie “Hot Search” directed by Xin Yukun and produced by Wang Hongwei has released its preview and poster, announcing its nationwide release on December 1st. The film, which tells the story of Chen Miao, a self-media editor-in-chief, receiving a request for help after publishing a popular article, promises to offer a thrilling and unexpected plot.

Chen Miao’s world turns upside down when she unexpectedly receives a plea for assistance from a client, which sets off a chain of events involving her partner He Yan and Capital Group President Yue Peng. As the plot unfolds, viewers will be on the edge of their seats as they discover the truth and the secrets behind it. The movie explores the battles for justice that take place in the digital realm.

Director Xin Yukun, known for his highly acclaimed debut film “Maze of the Heart” and the widely praised “Silence,” takes a fresh approach with “Hot Search.” This reality-themed film aims to captivate audiences with its outstanding realism and topicality. Xin shared his excitement about the project during an interview, stating, “This subject is very attractive to me. It offers a different perspective from suspense crime movies while maintaining a high level of tension.”

Fans and film enthusiasts eagerly await the nationwide release of “Hot Search” on December 1st. With its gripping narrative and compelling performances, the film is expected to captivate audiences and make waves in the Chinese film industry.

(Editors: Dong Tong, Gao Lei)

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