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[News Highlights]Benshan Media Changed Ownership to Reveal the “Black Boss” Zhao Benshan | Xi’an Epidemic | Andy Lau | Fan Wei

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[Epoch Times December 30, 2021]Hello everyone, and welcome everyone to pay attention to the news. I am Li Muyang. Today is Thursday, December 30, Eastern Time, and Friday, December 31, Asian Time.

Today’s focus: “Benshan Media” changed ownership, and once rescued Andy Lau? The black boss outside Shanhaiguan, Zhao Benshan borrowed his power from the King to make a fortune; slandered Falun Gong for being ridden with bad luck and involved in the decline of the coup; regretting three things? Zhao Benshan’s evil retribution is near? The boys were so hungry that they were crying for a way to survive.

60 seconds news

On the 30th, the European Union called for an arms embargo on Myanmar and further sanctions against the military government. On the 29th, the UN Security Council condemned the military government’s attack on civilians in Kayah State in southeastern Myanmar, killing at least 35 people, including 4 children and 2 humanitarian workers.

In the process of Lithuania’s fight against the CCP, many companies have been suppressed by the CCP. Bloomberg reported on the 30th that the Lithuanian government is considering an aid program worth 130 million euros to support these affected companies.

South Korean Foreign Minister Jeong Yiyong said on the 29th that South Korea and the United States have reached an agreement on a draft declaration on the formal end of the Korean War, but they have to get the approval of their respective governments and the participating parties, North Korea and Beijing.

The National Health Service of the United Kingdom said on the 30th that it will build field hospitals on the sites of eight hospitals in London, Bristol and Leeds. Each field hospital can accommodate about 100 more patients. The number of confirmed cases in the UK on the 29th reached 183,037, which was another single-day high.

As of 2 p.m. Eastern time on December 30th, the number of newly diagnosed CCP virus in the world was 1.69 million, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 284.90 million, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 284,900,146. There were 7896 deaths in a single day, and the cumulative total number of deaths was 5,346,607. people.

Let’s enter today’s topic. Zhao Benshan resigned as the legal person, chairman and general manager of “Benshan Media” in a low-key manner. After being exposed by netizens, the media quickly became hyped. It is rumored that Zhao Benshan, who once rescued Andy Lau, is very powerful, but now he is scandal-ridden and declining. Is his evil retribution still far away?

On the eighth day after Xi’an entered the lockdown, a male student was so hungry that he cried. A pregnant woman who is expecting to give birth has gradually become unable to take care of herself, but there is no one around to take care of her. Called for help from the authorities, but the response she got was chilling. She was worried that “one corpse and two lives” would appear.

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Zhao Benshan resigns from three terms as “Benshan Media” and changes ownership

At the end of 2021, Zhao Benshan still failed to “hold on” and was retired from the position of legal representative of “Benshan Media”, and at the same time he obediently handed over the position of chairman and general manager.

Sina, a mainland portal website, stated today (30th) that “some netizens broke the news.” On the 28th, Liaoning Folk Art Troupe Co., Ltd. had “business changes.” Zhao Benshan resigned as the legal representative and was taken over by An Shoushu, and at the same time, Zhao Benshan resigned from the post of chairman and general manager.

Let me introduce An Shou Shu, the name may be a bit strange to everyone. An Shoushu, born in 1976, is also a duo actor, a disciple of Zhao Benshan, and his stage name is “An San”. In 2003, he entered “Benshan Media” and played the role of Yu Decai, the son of the village chief Yu Fugui, in the TV series “Marshal Ma”.

According to the information of “Qicha”, the original name of Liaoning Folk Art Troupe Co., Ltd. was “Benshan Media Co., Ltd.”. In August 2019, the name was suddenly changed to Liaoning Folk Art Troupe Co., Ltd. The reason for the change is unknown to the outside world, but many people still continue their previous name, called “Benshan Media”.

“Benshan Media” was established in 2003 with a registered capital of 125 million yuan. It is jointly held by Zhao Benshan, Ma Lijuan and Benshan Holdings Co., Ltd., and its business scope includes Northeast Errenzhuan, comedy sketches, etc., and has produced many TV series such as “Liu Laogen”, “Ma Dashuai”, “Rural Love” and so on.

Zhao Benshan stepped down from the position of “Benshan Media”. It seemed that the operation was relatively low-key, and he did not want to be noticed. But after the news broke by netizens, it quickly rushed to the hot search on Weibo. But for some reason, this post was quickly taken down again, which seemed a little weird.

However, the mainland media are chasing after the news of Zhao Benshan’s “retirement” and “handover”. After all, Zhao Benshan is not a “simple character”.

“After the Shanhaiguan pass, if you have something to find this mountain”

In the three northeastern provinces earlier, people may not know who Song Yongjia is, but many people have heard of the name “Qiao Si”. Qiao Si is Song Yongjia’s nickname. In the 1980s, he was considered the “boss” of the underworld in Northeast China. But in the 1990s, even if Qiao Si was not sentenced to capital punishment, the brand “Boss” might have to give way.

There was a saying in the arena, “After the Shanhaiguan pass, I will find this mountain if I have something to do.” In other words, in the Northeast, there is nothing that Zhao Benshan cannot solve.

From this sentence, you can see the strength of Zhao Benshan that year. He not only owned a private jet, a private club, but also sponsored a football team and so on. When the Liu Laogen stage opened in Beijing, the scene could be said to be full of gongs and drums, firecrackers, crowds, and even road closures.

There is a rumor that in 2000, Liu Yong, a triad in Northeast China, spent 3 million to invite Andy Lau to hold a concert for his own company. First paid a deposit of 1.5 million, but before the end of the concert, Liu Yong did not pay the remaining balance, because Andy Lau did not work hard.

Liu Yong was rumored to have said, “This is Shenyang, not Hong Kong. I don’t care what kind of king you are. If I let you sing, how dare you not work hard?” Even a “Sohu” article quoted the news that Liu Yong slapped Andy Lau at the time. And Andy Lau was detained in Shenyang.

Later, Andy Lau’s agent found Xiang Huaqiang. Needless to say, Xiang Huaqiang’s strength, and there is a red background, but Xiang Huaqiang has no network in the Northeast. Later, he found Ren Dahua for help. Ren Dahua found that the other party had a strong background and said that only one person could solve the problem, and that was Zhao Benshan. Ren Dahua went to Shenyang in person and found Zhao Benshan. In the end, Zhao Benshan appeared in person, and he was considered to rescue Andy Lau.

Hong Kong “information coffee” said that Liu Yong was a black and white in the northeast, and even beat a certain deputy mayor’s son to a disability, but he did not dare to offend Zhao Benshan.

These rumors cannot be confirmed, and I don’t know if there is really an Andy Lau incident. But Zhao Benshan once told the mainland media that his consumption anywhere in Northeast China is free because someone has already paid him out in advance. From the big tone of his tone, one can also see his influence in the Northeast.

There are rumors that Zhao Benshan can make so many people jealous, and even the underworld bosses retreat to him, mainly because Zhao Benshan has the “big four bodyguards” by his side.

Zhao Benshan is the “black boss” with four bodyguards around him

An insider said that Zhao Benshan has four people by his side for a long time, who are Zhao Benshan’s four bodyguards. Each of these four people has its own characteristics, and they are all “powerful.”

The first is Zhao Gang, who has worked as Zhao Benshan’s agent and is also a businessman. Zhao Gang has been with Zhao Benshan for the longest time, step by step from the small rural stage to the “big pants”. Many of these contacts came from the flexible-minded Zhao Gang. On the line of Shenyang, Tieling, Jinzhou, Siping, and Changchun, the underworld forces everywhere will give him a bit of face.

The second one is called Zhang Jianshe, who is the most powerful of the four bodyguards of Zhao Benshan in Beijing. Zhang Jianshe was once the most famous underworld boss in Shijiazhuang, because he offended the commander of a certain unit, Zhao Benshan settled for him, and then followed Zhao Benshan. With his strong resources and extensive contacts at the beginning, Zhang Jianshe contributed to the development of Zhao Benshan, and later became the vice president of Benshan Group.

The third one is called Yu Zhenyu. Before following Zhao Benshan, Yu Zhenyu was a penniless poor boy. But the “kung fu” he had under his hands was very powerful, and it was said that he was also talented, so Zhao Benshan stayed with him.

The fourth one is Chen Yongqing, who is said to be very “capable of fighting” and is known as the “King of Sanda” and “The King of Spears”. This person was born in the CCP army. After he retired, he opened his own bodyguard company. Many stars in the entertainment industry would hire bodyguards in their company. For Zhao Benshan, Chen Yongqing is the bodyguard himself.

The insider said that any of these four people are not ordinary people. With these four bodyguards, no matter what Zhao Benshan does, no one dares to provoke him.

From the situation of these four people, the background of Zhao Benshan can already be reflected. To be able to gather these four people around and be willing to be bodyguards, I can already vaguely see Zhao Benshan’s “underworld” color, and even the ostentation of “underworld brother”.

There was a post on the Internet that pointed out that “Zhao Benshan is the real black boss.” The post stated that Zhao Benshan has a close relationship with certain of the four major underworld leaders in Tieling. Zhao Benshan once offered 150,000 RMB in bribes and bailed a black leader from Tieling.

Zhao Benshan was accused of being the “black boss”, which obviously had something to do with these four bodyguards. What did these four people do? I haven’t found more information. But it shouldn’t be difficult to imagine that they must have “settle” a lot for Zhao Benshan. As for the methods used, everyone can use their imagination.

Borrowing the power of the king to make black money, Zhao Benshan slandered Falun Gong

But everyone knows that in mainland China ruled by the CCP, relying solely on the “underworld” forces is not enough. Obviously, Zhao Benshan knew this very well, so in the early days, Zhao Benshan “relied on” Wang Lijun, who was the director of public security at Tieling, and through Wang Lijun, he further met Bo Xilai, who was then governor of Liaoning and who was later dismissed.

As early as 2007, a major illegal fund-raising fraud case of “Ant Power God” was exposed. 1.13 million farmers were defrauded by tens of billions. Zhao Benshan once boasted in advertisements that “Ant Force God” was the most important spokesperson of “Ant Force God”, and Bo Xilai was the “protector” of “Ant Force God”.

During Bo Xilai’s term as governor of Liaoning and Minister of Commerce, “Yi Lishen” not only withstood an investigation from Beijing, but also obtained a rare direct selling license. However, many investors lost their money and many people were forced to commit suicide. However, after making 200 million yuan, Zhao Benshan was unharmed.

With the “caring” of Wang Lijun, especially Bo Xilai, Zhao Benshan climbed higher and higher along these “high branches”. In 1990, Zhao Benshan went to the Spring Festival Gala for the first time. Since then, his reputation has grown and he has more and more opportunities to appear on CCTV.

Zhao Benshan’s performance, or his “good show”, is “insulting the disabled.” He often plays peasants, the disabled and disadvantaged groups, performing vulgar shows. This feature was taken by Jiang Zemin.

In 2000, Zeng Qinghong, Jiang Zemin’s military division and then head of the middle group, summoned Zhao Benshan in person. He was asked to express clearly the government’s attitude towards Falun Gong in the form of comedy in the 2001 CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Zeng Qinghong once said to Zhao Benshan, “This is what Chairman Jiang meant, only success is allowed but not failure!”

January 23, 2001, this day is the 30th of the Chinese New Year. That afternoon, a self-immolation incident that shocked the world occurred in Tiananmen Square. After careful analysis by relevant overseas personnel, this incident was determined to be a planting of Falun Gong directed by the Jiang Zemin Group. UNESCO has recorded this planting incident for the record.

A few hours after this incident, Zhao Benshan and others performed the “selling abduction” that slandered and vilified Falun Gong at the Spring Festival Gala, which further provoked the hatred of the Chinese people towards Falun Gong. Since then, Zhao Benshan will go to the Spring Festival Gala every year. Regardless of the performance, the title of “Sketch King” can only be given to him.

However, the people who participated in the “Selling of Trafficking” at the time did not do well afterwards.

The screenwriter He Qingkui has now almost become a “living dead” with a dull-eyed look. On August 8, 2005, He Qingkui and his ex-wife’s eldest son drove drunk and died on the spot in Guangzhou. 10 days later, Gao Xiumin, who had been living with He Qingkui, suffered a heart attack and died at the age of 46.

Another actor, Fan Wei, fell into a roadside ditch while filming in Inner Mongolia in 2006 and was diagnosed with a thoracic spine fracture.

Involved in the coup d’état to decline

As for Zhao Benshan, since he met Jiang Zemin’s needs to slander Falun Gong, he has received more evil retributions. In 2007, his father died of advanced lung cancer. In 2009, during the filming of “Country Love 3”, Zhao Benshan suffered a cerebral hemorrhage on September 30 and was in a coma. After the operation, Zhao Benshan once revealed that he “has already eleven nails” in his head.

Before the 2012 Spring Festival Gala, during the rehearsal with makeup, Zhao Benshan almost fainted before taking the stage and took oxygen for 20 minutes before playing. This was the last time Zhao Benshan went to the Spring Festival Gala, and then he was blocked from the Spring Festival Gala stage because of his involvement in the Bo Zhou coup.

After Wang Lijun fled the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu in 2012, Bo Xilai, Zhou Yongkang, Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong and others were gradually reporting the inside story of the coup d’etat. It also brought out Zhao Benshan, and pointed out that Zhao Benshan was one of the core figures in Bo Zhou’s plot of the coup.

On February 2, 2013, Xinhuanet published “The Truth Behind Zhao Benshan’s Closing of the Mountain: How did Bo Xilai support Zhao Benshan? “The article exposes the relationship between Zhao Benshan and Bo Xilai.

An online article disclosed that, on an exposed list, Zhao Benshan was promised by Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang that he would be appointed as Minister of Culture after the successful coup.

From then on, Zhao Benshan began to decline. Not only did various scandals continue to be exposed in the mainland media, but they were also kicked out of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala forever.

In 2015, Zhao Benshan was absent from the symposium on literature and art hosted by Xi Jinping, and then absent from the symposium on literature and art in Liaoning. In the main building of the “Benshan Media” base, pictures of him and Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, Wang Lijun and others were taken down one after another.

Recently, a netizen posted a photo of Zhao Benshan and his apprentice. Zhao Benshan sat in the middle, wearing a peaked cap, smiling at the camera. But it seemed that Zhao Benshan appeared thin, with sunken cheeks, and looked a little older than his actual age.

Zhao Benshan once had a line, “Your aunt is no longer your former aunt, and your uncle will always be your uncle.” But Zhao Benshan, who has no “bull” to the year of the tiger, let us see another situation, “Your uncle is no longer your former uncle.”

Three things to regret? Is Zhao Benshan’s evil retribution still far away?

According to an earlier report by Beijing-based Duowei.com, after Zhao Benshan’s scandal, he once expressed three things that he “very regretted”.

The first thing is to divorce Yuanpei Ge Shuzhen. In 1979, according to someone’s introduction, Ge Shuzhen, who had just turned 19 at the time, was married to Zhao Benshan, who was poor and white. After the marriage, Zhao Benshan took the erhu and ran around, and Ge Shuzhen took over all the farming and housework. He also gave birth to two children for Zhao Benshan, his daughter Zhao Yufang and the deaf-mute child Zhao Tiedan.

But after Zhao Benshan went to the Spring Festival Gala, he seldom went home as his famous anger became bigger. The Chinese Communist Party’s official media revealed that before he and Ge Shuzhen divorced, he and Ma Lijuan, a teacher at the Liaoning Opera School, rented an apartment outside.

In the 12th year of marriage, Zhao Benshan abandoned Ge Shuzhen, but Zhao Tiedan died soon after. According to the report, this is probably the thing that Zhao Benshan “would be most guilty and regretful”.

The second incident is said to be spending huge sums of money to buy a private jet, which almost killed Zhao Benshan. In 2009, Zhao Benshan took out about 200 million yuan to buy an airplane and named it “Benshan”. This move not only shocked the entertainment industry, but also set a record for mainland artists to show off their wealth.

But soon after he bought the plane, Zhao Benshan suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the injury hospital. After Zhao Benshan woke up, he immediately regretted it, saying, “Is it a bit too big? Can the plane return?”

The third thing is said to be making friends with powerful people. That is to say, he believes that he has made friends with Wang Lijun, Bo Xilai, Zhou Yongkang and others, especially Zeng Qinghong and Jiang Zemin, and Zhao Benshan regrets this.

Perhaps Zhao Benshan thought that it was because of these hooligans that he was getting worse and worse.

However, there is a saying in China that there is no way out of good or bad, but people can only recruit themselves. Zhao Benshan used the help of these people to make money and do all kinds of bad things. He once felt that it was very good, but at that time he had already planted evil results.

Now he has stepped down as the legal person, chairman and general manager of “Benshan Media”. This is just a process of decline and even retribution, and it is even at the beginning. If Xi Jinping wants to clear the obstacles for the 20th Dalian appointment, will Zhao Benshan be in peace with him in the life and death battle of the Jiang Zeng faction?

However, in my opinion, even if it is cleaned up by Xi Jinping’s camp, it is only the evil we can see. There are still many evil retributions that we can’t see. At that time, Zhao Benshan had no chance to regret.

The boy is so hungry and crying

We continue to pay attention to the Xi’an epidemic. Today (30th) is the 8th day of Xi’an’s lockdown. The authorities notified 155 new local cases. This is the 5th consecutive day that the number of new cases exceeded 150. From the 9th to the present, the number of local cases in Xi’an has exceeded 1,000, with a total of 1,117 cases.

Yesterday (29th) noon, “ZOO walking hard money machine SHE” issued a post on Weibo: please Xi’an government to give 9-month pregnant women a way to survive.

It can be seen from the post that the poster is a pregnant woman who is 9 months pregnant and is about to give birth. Half a month ago, I was stranded in Xi’an for private affairs, and now I live in a temporary co-tenant with others.

The post stated that he has been suffering from frequent back pain recently and has gradually become unable to take care of himself. But to explain the situation to the community, the community ignored it and the street refused to issue a certificate. Reflected the situation to 12345 many times, and got a reply after five or six hours: “You can’t leave Shaanxi”.

The pregnant woman asked on Weibo, “What are the necessary conditions to leave Shaanxi? In Xi’an, I am alone, with only a three-digit balance on my body. How can the sky-high price of vegetables be supported? Who can be responsible for the accident? Can we guarantee the safety of our mother and child? Where is the government? The security of the community does not let the community out, and the community and the street refuse to issue certificates. Isn’t this a policy? When is it necessary to leave Shaanxi? Is it the end of a dead body and two lives? “

This Weibo is no longer found, and such posts are generally short-lived. However, similar situations have already occurred in Xi’an because of secondary disasters caused by the lockdown and martial law.

A netizen in Xi’an posted a screenshot to me today (30th), which showed that “the big boy who rents in the urban village of Xi’an is so hungry that he cries at the door”.

According to the text, the boy said, “Even if you can buy a few buns, it’s okay. The law enforcement said you will arrest you if you make trouble. Tenants in urban villages who can’t eat a meal in a few days still have them in Xi’an. How much? Some people never thought that in 2021, Xi’an, a new first-tier city, would be too hungry to sleep and cry.”

There is a girl whose boyfriend in Xi’an hasn’t eaten for almost 3 days, which makes her very worried about her boyfriend’s accident. She said, “I’m afraid he’s starving to death, and I’m so sad that I can’t sleep every day. The news says that volunteers deliver vegetables, but they only deliver them to the institution’s family homes and wealthy communities. What should I do? Everyone on the intranet is laughing at not hoarding the goods. , No one cares, I don’t know how to help him.”

The girl said that the government said before that they should not stockpile goods with sufficient funds. You can buy vegetables every two days, but the order is changed day by day. Now she is asking for help online, but she is ridiculed by people around her, saying that her boyfriend can’t eat, and blames the country on the government, and is handing a knife to foreign forces. This made her very helpless, she didn’t know what to do, just “want to cry” and cried silently.

Seeing these news, to be honest, I felt very uncomfortable in my heart. Because they seem to still believe in the party and the government, and believe that they can be kind to them and give them special care. But I want to say that that is unlikely.

I have said many times that the CCP never values ​​human lives. Especially the life and death of ordinary people is too common for the CCP. No matter how many people die, for the CCP, it is at most a number. Therefore, in times of difficulty, it is better to ask for help from the people around you. This kind of hope is much more realistic than asking the CCP.

I hope that my friends in Xi’an will help these people who are on the brink of despair around them as much as they can. They are too difficult, they need help too much. Maybe they are strangers, but at least it is a life. Helping them may save a life.

I once said that helping others is actually helping oneself. Especially when others are most difficult, reaching out to them may bring blessings to yourself.

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