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NHK red and white singers Shang Shiraishi Moein and KAT-TUN join | Snow Man | NiziU

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[EpochTimesNovember192021](The Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled a report) “The 72nd NHK Red and White Singing Contest (NHK Red and White Singing Contest)” announced today (19th) the list of singers, including The singers who made their debut on the stage of “Red and White” include Kami Shiraishi Moe, BiSH, DISH //, Hirai Dai, Hotei Totai, Jennis Boy Group KAT-TUN, Snow Man and other singers.

The KAT-TUN men’s group, which was formed as a six-member group in 2001 and officially debuted on the CD of “Real Face” in 2006, will be the red and white for the first time this year after three members withdrew.

The same group of Jeannes who made their debut in “Red and White” also includes Snow Man, which officially released the CD debut of the single “Imitation Rain/DD” on January 22, 2020. Snow Man, who was invited to participate in the “Red and White” performance last year, had to resign from the performance because member Ryota Miyadate was diagnosed with the Chinese Communist virus (COVID-19/Wuhan pneumonia) and other members also needed to be quarantined. They were invited again this year and will soon be on the stage of “Red and White” for the first time, which is of special significance.

In addition, Mie Kame Shiraishi, who has performed “Love can last forever” and acted as the protagonist of the NHK morning drama “Come Come Everybody” which started in November 2021, and released the cover album “chouchou” in 2016 and officially debuted as a singer. Participated in the “72nd NHK Red and White Singing Contest” held at the end of this year as a singer in the women’s red group.

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This is the first time that Kami Shiraishi Moeon has appeared in “Red and White”. She is also the first time an actor starred in the NHK morning drama since 1986, starring Yuki Saito in “はね Koma”. “NHK Red and White Singing Contest” performance.

*List of singers participating in the “72nd NHK Red and White Singing Contest” (the number of red and white participation in the brackets):

[Men’s White Team]
KAT‐TUN (first time)
Kanjani Eight (10)
King & Prince(4)
Xiang Guangmei (34)
Chun Lie (4)
Suzuki Masayuki (4)
Snow Man (first time)
DISH//(first time)
Hikawa Kiyoshi (22)
Hirai University (first time)
Masaharu Fukuyama (14)
Hoshino Gen (7)
Budai Yintai (first time)
Mafumafu (Chief)
Sanshan Hiroshi (7)
Miyamoto Hiroji (2)
Keisuke Yamauchi (7)
Yuzu (12)

[Women’s Red Team]
AI (4)
Aimyon (3)
Sayuri Ishikawa (Sayuri Ishikawa) (44)
Awesome City Club (first time)
Shang Baishi Meng Yin (first time)
Fuyumi Sakamoto (33)
Sakurasaka 46 (2)
Yoshimi Tendo (26)
Tokyo Incident (2)
NiziU 2)
Nogizaka46 (7)
BiSH (first time)
Hyugazaka 46 (3)
Seiko Matsuda (25)
Kaori Mizumori (19)
milet (2)
millennium parade✕Belle (Kaho Nakamura) (first time)

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