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Ni is so spicy! Jennie’s sexy black silk is on the cover of the magazine. |Jennie|Celebrity blockbuster_Sina fashion_Sina.com

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Ni is so spicy!  Jennie’s sexy black silk is on the cover of the magazine. |Jennie|Celebrity blockbuster_Sina fashion_Sina.com

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Original title: Ni is so spicy! Jennie’s sexy black silk is on the cover of the magazine, or will appear in the new drama of The Weeknd?

“Chanel on Earth” Jennie appeared on W Korea magazine earlier, changing her sweet image from the past, and her hot black silk shape instantly aroused heated discussions among fans. In addition, there is more news that Jennie may appear in The Weeknd’s new drama “THE IDOL” to unlock the actor status;

And after two years, Blackpink’s complete comeback will also be put on the agenda?

Hot black silk on the cover of the magazine

Bring a new way to play hot girls?

After the Coachella festival, Jennie is back with a dazzling look. Appeared on the cover of W Korea magazine earlier, “Chanel in the World” made a full impact and returned to the hot girl battle, with smoky makeup, black silk, and nails on the bridge of the nose, showing a very rare hot side.

 via W Korea via W Korea


And Jennie also shared behind-the-scenes footage on her personal IG, and many pictures came out to feast the eyes of fans;

Jennie’s styling this time is still contracted by CHANEL. From the beaded skirts of the Haute Manufacture series to a series of colorful accessories such as headbands and cowboy hats, “Chanel on Earth” is not just a name.

It is worth mentioning that this time, Jennie also ingeniously tied CHANEL’s headband to the thigh, which is sexy and charming, but also playful and cute.

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In terms of hairstyle, Jennie follows the hottest ‘bangs braided’ hairstyle, supplemented by CHANEL accessories, and smoky makeup is cleverly assisted. Simple and neat is not only fashionable.

In addition, Jennie once again brought a new way to play hot girls, and the ‘nose bridge’ decoration has attracted widespread attention from fans.

During the Coachella Music Festival before, Jennie also showed whimsy on the bridge of her nose, and a row of flash diamond patches was quite eye-catching.

During CoachellaDuring Coachella


In addition to conventional ear piercings, whether it is more advanced gameplay such as lip studs, tongue studs, and even nose rings, in recent years, hot girls have continued to show their imaginations.

In the “How You Like That” MV poster released in 2020, Lisa appeared with a bold lip ring and a world-weary makeup look. In addition, decorations were also attached under the right eye, nose, and left eyebrow, which were very stunning.

As the so-called “there are people outside people, there are days outside the sky”. Another high-level player, HyunA, even unlocked the new gameplay of ‘neck nails’ this year, but the bold operation caused mixed comments in the comment area, and some netizens bluntly said, “It looks a little scary.”

Therefore, for many friends who are afraid of pain, there are more friendly ways of playing such as nose piercing stickers on the Internet, and Jennie and Lisa also use similar decorations, not really piercing their faces. Interested friends may wish to feel a wave~

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Unlock actor status?

Or will appear in The Weeknd’s new drama

In addition, Jennie may like to mention the ‘rookie actor’ status. Earlier, according to a number of Korean media reports, Jennie received a proposal for a new drama “THE IDOL” produced by HBO and is currently under consideration.

“The IDOL” is co-produced by The Weeknd and “Excited” screenwriter Sam Levinson. It is based on pop idols. The cast is very strong. The Weeknd will star in person, and Lily-Rose Depp will be the heroine. And popular stars such as “Poke Lord” Troye Sivan will all make guest appearances.

Of course, this invitation was not random. As early as last year, the two were found at the same dinner party, and they hugged and said goodbye after the end. Since then, fans have been looking forward to the cooperation plan between the two, and The Weeknd has repeatedly left messages and interacted with Jennie’s social dynamics.

Rumors of Jennie’s screen debut aren’t the first, either. In the special thank you link at the end of last year’s Netflix hit drama “Squid Game”, Jennie’s name also appeared, and the close relationship with the starring Zheng Haoyan also made many fans speculate whether Jennie will star in the second season.

In addition, there is more heavy news. After two years, Blackpink will officially return in the second half of the year, and is expected to bring a tour at the end of the year.

via Rolling Stonevia Rolling Stone


And Jennie also confirmed this news in an interview with “Rolling Stone” earlier, and said that she is looking forward to showing a more diverse side. Are you looking forward to this?

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Are you looking forward to the return of Blackpink?

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