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“Nice to meet you” season two premiere Zhou Xun fell in love with the swing dance Aya enjoying the Frisbee movement jqknews

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On December 8, the second season of the first “possessive” documentary reality show “Nice to Meet You”, created by Douyin and Pinxinming Culture, was officially launched. Zhou Xun and Aya came to Shanghai, together with Li Xueqin, the daily social fearful flying guest, to experience some of the popular social methods-frisbee, script killing, swing dance, etc. in the most realistic state.

(Photography: Wenjei Cheng 郑文絜)

  Aya enjoys running, Zhou Xun and Li Xueqin fall in love with swing dancing

Many sports have social attributes, such as the frisbee sport that has recently gone out of the circle. This time, Zhou Xun, Aya and Li Xueqin participated in the frisbee sport. Feeling this makes the young people in Shanghai give up rest and get up two hours early every day in sweating profusely. Feel the freedom and fun of running sports. Under the enthusiastic invitation of “old gamers”, the three of them quickly became involved. The sports-loving Aya said that he felt the relaxation in running and the fun of teamwork. The compliments among the gamers also made them not good at sports. Li Xueqin was inspired and warmed.

(Photography: Wenjei Cheng 郑文絜)

(Photography: Wenjei Cheng 郑文絜)

The social experience of the three has not been smooth sailing. For example, in a multi-person chat in a tavern, Li Xueqin chose to avoid the crowd and hid secretly to the second floor with “dogs”. She said that she was full of fear for the number of people and could not accept the “big scene” of a dozen people chatting.

(Photography: Wenjei Cheng 郑文絜)

Although everyone inevitably has a social “minefield”, the three of them planted the same social activity of swing dance. When Zhou Xun, Aya, and Li Xueqin opened the door of the swing ball, they were infected by the bright “old Shanghai” atmosphere, and they joined in and began to swing. And Li Xueqin, who originally resisted the “big scene” social activities, was also driven by the “brother glasses”, swept away the tension when entering the venue and joined the dance floor. After the experience, he expressed the urge to learn to dance, “This is The most inclusive social activities I have encountered, I will not be nervous because of unfamiliarity, and every dance, I can get to know someone.” Li Xueqin said.

(Photography: Wenjei Cheng 郑文絜)

(Photography: Wenjei Cheng 郑文絜)

  Li Xueqin called many people “socially lazy” Zhou Xun was afraid of strangers and chose acquaintances to socialize

Talking about what kind of friends to make and how to make friends, Zhou Xun said that because of acting, he was afraid of strangers. He would feel that it is not safe to contact strangers. He has never even bought anything online or ordered a takeaway. If she wants to make new friends, she will choose acquaintances to recommend, and whether she can make friends for a long time depends on her personality, whether she can do other things together besides her interests. On the other hand, Aya expressed his views on the way young people are socialized.Aya believes that many young people are making friends with their interests, but their interests are relatively narrow now, and they are in a circle. See if there will be some lasting things in other aspects of life in the future.

(Photography: Wenjei Cheng 郑文絜)

As for the “social phobia” often referred to by young people nowadays, Li Xueqin believes that many people are just “social laziness”, too lazy to communicate with others, and prefer to lie at home. And she herself is a person who switches between social cattle and social fear, the key lies in the social field. For example, in a scene like a swing party, she feels that she has opened up, but in daily dealings, she does not directly make friends with strangers. New friends are basically developed through friends of friends. In daily life, she can’t even communicate face-to-face with people. “Communications with cooperating roommates rely on WeChat.” She also teased that if there is a fire at home one day, the most likely thing is to receive a WeChat “escape” from her roommate.

(Photography: Wenjei Cheng 郑文絜)

Whether it’s a Frisbee, a script kill or a swing dance, look for a social field that suits you, find people who are on the same frequency as you in continuous in-depth communication with each other, and give each other company to make your life warmer and more powerful. 》Want to pass this program to more young people. As Aya said in the show, people are social animals, and it is always inevitable to connect with other people. I hope everyone can find a comfortable social place for themselves.

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