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Nicholas Daley 2022 spring and summer series “Blue Quilt” officially released

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London fashion brand Nicholas Daley officially released the 2022 spring and summer series “Blue Quilt” this time. The series pays tribute to singer-songwriter Richie Havens and guitarist Davey Graham. The series is inspired by black folk songs and blues.

Just like the theme of the series, Quilting plays an important role in this season’s collection. The brand draws on the work of contemporary New York artist Michael Thorpe and incorporates quilting technology to create clothing, such as a cloak-shaped top made of multiple pieces of fabric. Nicholas Daley also re-examined the Japanese dyeing process and injected a completely different atmosphere into the series with Roketsu items.

Following the 2021 autumn and winter series, as Nicholas Daley brings back loose-fitting slacks, bowling shirts and large raincoat jackets, the new season will not only present a lighter appearance, but also provide better breathability. Among them, Halley Stevenson’s The Scottish textile factory is indispensable. In addition, blue and orange occupies a major position in the entire series. This color scheme is also injected into the brand’s logo elastic beret and bucket cap.

Nicholas Daley 2022 spring and summer series sales information has not yet been announced, interested readers may wish to slide to watch the series Lookbook first.

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