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Nicholas Tse Gao Yuanyuan looks for the old Shanghai taste “The Taste of the Common People” special dishes are out tonight-Chinadaily.com

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At 20:20 tonight, the second phase of the food documentary reality show “The Taste of the People” jointly produced by Jiangsu Satellite TV and Fengwei Holdings will be broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV and will be broadcast on the exclusive online platform Youku at 20:30.

In this episode of the program, Nicholas Tse and Gao Yuanyuan met on the ferry, looking for the old Shanghai flavor in the lane. The two started the experimental mode to turn the children’s imagined dishes into reality, and embarked on an exciting journey of exploring the memory of the city’s food.

  Nicholas Tse Gao Yuanyuan walks the streets and lanes looking for the old taste of Shanghai

In the previous Reuters program, Nicholas Tse Gao Yuanyuan appeared in Shanghai’s old alleys to arouse netizens’ curiosity and speculation. The delicacy they searched for will be revealed in tonight’s “The Taste of the People”: it has been sold in Shanghai for 39 years. A large onion pancakes.

In the fast-developing city, there are many old tastes that run through people’s memories and slowly disappear with the changes of the city. Ah Da’s scallion pancake is also a kind of “eat and cherish” old Shanghai taste. One person, one pot, one fire, in order to ensure the stable quality of each piece of scallion pancake, Ah Da insisted on operating a small store by himself, even though Men Ting Ruo Shi was reluctant to open branches or join in. In the era of rapid changes in the food industry, such ingenuity is particularly precious, and it is also the urban taste memory that “Taste of the People” is looking for. In tonight’s program, General Admiral Tse taught Nicholas Tse to make this old Shanghai taste. I wonder if Nicholas Tse’s “results” can be qualified under the standards of “Master” Ah Da?

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Nicholas Tse Gao Yuanyuan

Ah Da, who was guarding the scallion pancakes in the stove, never forgot the braised pork that his mother used to cook for him when he was alive. This also resonated with Gao Yuanyuan. For Gao Yuanyuan, the braised pork made by her father is also a special delicacy. She will share her “fate” with the braised pork, and pass on the warmth of food and family to the audience in front of the screen.

Nicholas Tse will also reveal the taste of Shanghai in his memory. In 1999, Nicholas Tse, who was still a newcomer, came to Shanghai to shoot a movie. Although everyone said that he was born in an acting family and did not care about his career as an artist, he had an unknown complex mood and desperate courage. During the filming, Nicholas Tse wandered around Shanghai alone at night and encountered a large bowl of noodles. A person in a strange city, tasted the first warm taste, that bowl of noodles he missed to this day. Going to Shanghai’s old alley again at night, can Nicholas Tse retrieve the delicious memory of that large bowl of noodles?

Nicholas Tse Gao Yuanyuan

  Nicholas Tse’s innovative dishes pay tribute to the taste in memory

“The Taste of the People” is dedicated to discovering the delicacy infused with infinite emotions in life, and through the creativity of the taster Nicholas Tse, the taste memories connected with the emotions can be sublimated.

In Ah Da’s memory, his mother always uses fresh vegetables and leftover rice to make a bowl of pao rice; Nicholas Tse also has a special memory of pao rice because his mother is from Shanghai. He will be creative and use Shanghai’s seasonal ingredients to make a warm and upgraded bowl of rice for Ah Da, paying tribute to the delicacy that his mother has left in his memory.

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Nicholas Tse Gao Yuanyuan

Jia Yi, a 9-year-old boy, has an infinite passion for cooking. The little “chef” likes to stand on a small stool to make food for his mother. In order to help Jiayi “realize his dream”, Nicholas Tse and his staff will face a challenge that desperately needs creativity and develop a set of recipes that can satisfy his wishes.

Sweet and sour fish is a big dish on Jia Yi’s wish list. Nicholas Tse and the staff will use unimaginable ingredients to make the sweet and sour sauce. The desserts he is thinking of will also be perfectly unlocked through Nicholas Tse’s creativity and natural ingredients. Food leaves people with taste memories about life experiences, and it also opens up more possibilities in life through creative experiments.

From Ada’s insistence on taste to Jiayi’s wish to be fulfilled, the second issue of “The Taste of the People” is extremely warm. It not only looks back at the eternal moments of food left to people in life, but also becomes small in the creative and development. Small lives open up beautiful possibilities. Lock on Jiangsu Satellite TV at 20:20 tonight, meet the story of Ah Da and Jia Yi, and feel the warm “Taste of the People”.

Nicholas Tse Gao Yuanyuan

Original title: Nicholas Tse Gao Yuanyuan looks for the old taste of Shanghai “The Taste of the People” special dishes are out tonight

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