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Nicki Nicole Hints at Relationship Troubles and Parties with Rauw Alejandro

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Nicki Nicole Hints at Relationship Troubles and Parties with Rauw Alejandro

The 23-year-old rapper Nicki Nicole has kept silent about her current relationship with the corridos tumbados performer. But she did imply that she is feeling affected by the situation.

Speaking at her concert at the Fórum Majadas in Guatemala on February 16, Nicki mentioned, “Beyond the fact that we are artists and have to work, we are also people and we feel many things. That they are here today, a great support for me.”

Speculation has arisen about Nicki Nicole’s love life as she was recently spotted at a nightclub in Miami, Florida, with the renowned singer Rauw Alejandro, who is 31 years old. They both attended the Vibra Urbana music festival in the city. In a video circulating on social networks, Rauw Alejandro can be seen standing on a platform with Nicki Nicole apparently behind him.

This has raised questions about the state of Nicki Nicole’s previous relationship with Featherweight, and whether she has moved on to a new romance with Rauw Alejandro. Notably, the two artists collaborated on the song ‘Sabe’ in 2021 and appeared together on the game show ‘La Firma.’

Furthermore, a post by Nicki Nicole on Instagram appeared to confirm that there had been infidelity in her relationship with Featherweight. She wrote, “When they don’t take care of you and when there is no respect… I don’t stay there. I’m leaving from there. It is with great pain that you know that I found out the same way you did.”

However, Nicki Nicole did not explicitly mention Featherweight’s name, nor did she confirm if the relationship was over. This has led to speculation that the situation may be a publicity stunt. Moreover, rumors have circulated about Featherweight’s alleged infidelity with Sahar Sonia.

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As fans, it’s unclear what exactly is happening in Nicki Nicole’s love life, but many continue to follow the story with interest.

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