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Nike’s Latest Shoes ISPA Mindbody Officially Debut

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Nike’s Latest Shoes ISPA Mindbody Officially Debut

Under the two principles of innovation and environmental protection, Nike has launched many avant-garde shoes under the name of ISPA, using experimental spirit and improvisation to study and solve many modern problems; following the ISPA Link and ISPA Link Axis in April, this time officially Releases a new shoe called the ISPA Mindbody, which looks like a worn-out old shoe.

“ISPA” represents the four major themes of improvisation, integration, protection and adaptation. After it was published in 2020, it began to show its design power and brought many wonderful shoes. This time, the new shoe type ISPA Mindbody is manufactured through environmentally friendly methods, reflecting the and continue this spirit. The upper of the ISPA Mindbody comes in shades of brown for a distressed recycled look, complemented by black and gray overlays, or it will be made of Flyknit fabric made of 100% recycled polyester, and it can be found that this shoe seems to be through a special The technique is used to join, and finally, it is finished with a heavy checkered outsole, and this design can not help but remind people of the broken shoe design of Balenciaga Paris.

Information about this shoe has not yet been released, interested readers please pay attention.

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