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Nils Frahm – Day – HeavyPop.at

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Nils Frahm – Day – HeavyPop.at

by Oliver on March 12, 2024 in Album

After the approximately two-hour ambient magnum opus Music for Animals as well as the compilation that ensures order in the archives Old Friends New Friends provides Day a return by Nils Frahm to his “first love”: minimalist piano beauties.

The six neoclassical pieces in 34 minutes, composed to a certain extent on tabula rasa grounds, have of course already long been sold out in their limited physical vinyl version, which seems entirely logical: Frahm purists are concerned about the search for roots that comes out of nowhere Day probably opens your heart a good deal, if for example Hands On (which repeats its somnambulistic motif too often over a six-minute playing time) is as sad as it is hopeful, and at the same time builds on the early core competencies of German.
Von You Name It In any case, Frahm maintains a dreamy melancholy that is typical of him, which this time meanders in a pleasantly contemplative way around a familiar homeliness, meditative and calm, always strolling a little too long and repetitively, as long as you are not so completely lost in the sound world that the contours are lost blur.
Once again, the fleeting instrumental memories win through the warm, intimate spatial sound of the production, whose field recording aroma is about the barking of dogs in the optimistic Butter Notes or by the birdsong Towards Zero drift through a fantastic forest with your eyes closed. It doesn’t matter that you’ve heard all of this from the 41 year old before. As a fan, you’re only too happy to nestle in this comfort zone again and again.

Day by Nils Frahm

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