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Ning Hao’s “Tropical Memoirs” Produced, Reveals the Details of Behind-the-Scenes Creation of “Hot Sense” Production Special Edition_梁妈

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Original title: Ning Hao’s “Reminiscences of the Tropics” reveals the secret behind-the-scenes creation details of the “Hot Feeling Good Show” production special

Sohu Entertainment News is produced by Ning Hao, directed by Wen Shipei, starring Peng Yuyan, Zhang Aijia, and Wang Yanhui, starring Zhang Yu friendly, and starring Jiang Peiyao, Lu Xin, Chen Yongzhong, and Deng Fei. At the time of the hot screening, the film unlocked the behind-the-scenes production special, which directly attacked how the atmospheric crime blockbuster was born from multiple levels such as art, photography, and costume modeling. The production team is ingenious, just to create a “hot show”. The film is currently being shown in IMAX, China Giant Screen and other formats.

Unlock all-round immersive “hot drama”, craftsmanship creates a hearty movie-watching experience

The movie “Once Upon a Time in the Tropics” was officially released on June 12. The dark red noise matched the faintly rotating sound of the electric fan in the sound effect. The rich and transitional tones penetrated the “heat” from the screen and permeated the entire theater. , The heat is wrapped in secrets and desires, impacting everyone watching the movie. As soon as the film was released, it attracted a large number of fans to comment on the online platform. Some fans bluntly said: “Surprise! The best-watched domestic movie in theaters so far this year.” Some netizens also commented: “The film is very summer. A hearty feeling.” A few days ago, the film again exposed the “Hot Feeling Good Show” production special, unlocking all aspects of how to create ingenuity.

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In the special feature, the producer Ning Hao points out the first element of creating a sense of atmosphere-a unified tone. He said: “Director Wen Shipei can unify all the elements in the tone he wants.” Director Wen Shipei started with photography, lighting, art, props, and even the few strands of sweat-stuck hair on Zhang Aijia’s neck. Silk will pay attention. Wen Shipei emphasized: “We try to visually present a feeling of heat.” The perfect presentation of the idea is indispensable to the super comprehension and execution power of the team behind the scenes. The director of photography Han Xiaosu said: “The first thing we talked about with the director was to destroy it. The lost picture, (the picture) has been blurred many times when there is light.” In this way, the concept of memory limitation and the unique aesthetics pursued by the film are presented. After the film was released, some fans also praised this expression: “The humid and hot southern environment is shrouded in a sense of destruction. The characters are often in a state of sleepiness or disillusionment, immersed in the environment.”

Pursue the ultimate atmosphere, let the audience touch the heat, Peng Yuyan, Zhang Aijia, Wang Yanhui’s unique “space” intersection

In the film “Once Upon a Time in the Tropics”, another thing that fans will talk about is the narrative atmosphere established by the film with space and tones. Some netizens commented: “The film revolves around different symbolic spaces, and releases the emotions of the characters to the maximum and intuitively.” More professional film review articles elaborated: “The director is very good at dealing with the details of the image to compare the state of the objects in the film with People’s mood changes are linked.” In the special episode of “The Hot Feelings”, the film art director Xu Guiting said when talking about how to design: “The film is based on the matter of rich colors. Liang’s mother’s family is yellow, Xueming’s family is green. , The police station is actually a bit gray-blue.” Director Wen Shipei further explained: “When these three people (Xue Ming, Liang Ma, Police Officer Chen Er) enter each other’s space, there will be some contrasting effects.” In the film There is a scene in which the police officer played by Wang Yanhui asks Liang’s mother to go to the police station to identify the deceased. Liang Ma was wearing a yellow-green floral dress, and the gray-blue police station seemed to be able to swallow up Liang Ma’s color of memories. These character relationships and inner emotions constructed by color and space have made movie fans deeply aware of the director’s introverted and unique narrative tension. Some fans said: “Let the audience feel as if they are in the time and space of the movie while watching, and they can even touch I encountered the heat in it.”

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The film’s ingenious design of color and space has made many viewers understand when watching the film. Some commentators said: “As an’intruder’ Peng Yuyan entered Zhang Aijia’s space, and the gloomy and mysterious green approached and was wrapped in memories. The final completion is the story of mutual redemption.” Regarding Peng Yuyan’s first time entering Liang’s mother’s house, the well-measured rivalry scene, the costume director Chen Ziqing also revealed some details that are not easily detectable by the audience: “For example, Xueming When I went to see Liang’s mother, he always stuffed his clothes into (trousers). He felt very nervous, that was the kind of feeling he was preparing.” The character’s inner emotions are processed with such details filled in, making the whole picture more Withstanding scrutiny, Peng Yuyan also said: “The most intuitive feeling is that there are many emotions, and this emotion can affect many people.”

The movie “Tropical Past” was produced by Bad Monkey (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Jingxi Culture Tourism Co., Ltd., Beijing Huanxi Premiere Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Alibaba Pictures Culture Co., Ltd., and Tencent Pictures Culture Communication Co., Ltd. . The film “Once Upon a Time in the Tropics” is currently in theaters.

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