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Ningbo National Day movie box office exceeds 22 million yuan

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Ningbo National Day movie box office exceeds 22 million yuan

Original title: Ningbo National Day movie box office exceeds 22 million yuan

News from this newspaper (Reporter Liao Huilan) According to the data of Maoyan Professional Edition, as of 22:00 on the 7th, the total box office (including pre-sale) of the 2022 National Day movies (October 1 to October 7) was 1.495 billion yuan. Among them, Ningbo contributed more than 22.4 million yuan to the film box office.

“Compared with last year, Ningbo’s National Day box office this year is only one-third of last year’s. This is related to the general environment of the entire film market. In particular, the theme of the film in the schedule is relatively simple and the driving force of the top blockbusters is limited, and there is no ‘ignition’. The audience’s viewing needs.” said the relevant person in charge of the film management department of Ningbo Film Group.

This year’s National Day file includes 7 episodes of “Homecoming”, “Iron Will”, “Ordinary Heroes”, “New Cinderella 2”, “I Am Tyrannosaurus Rex”, “New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad 5: My Alien Friends” and “Search and Rescue” New movie release.

As of press time, “Returning from Thousands of Miles” leads the box office with 1.022 billion yuan, locking in this year’s National Day box office champion in advance. “Ordinary Hero” ranked second at the box office of 118 million yuan, and “Hello, Brother”, which has been in theaters for many days, surpassed all the new films and ranked third.

In the Ningbo film market, “Homecoming”, “Ordinary Heroes” and “New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad 5: My Alien Friends” became the top three most popular National Day films by Ningbo people. Among them, “Returning from Thousands of Miles” is far ahead of other films with 68.5% of the box office and 41.2% of the film, and has become the main choice for Ningbo citizens to watch movies.

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As the first film to focus on the behind-the-scenes stories of Chinese diplomats assisting in the evacuation of overseas Chinese, “The Journey Home” led the entire National Day archive, and its reputation continued to ferment. Mr. Wang, who watched the movie at Bona International Studios, said in an interview with reporters that “The Journey Home” is the most surprising, and several scenes in the movie brought tears to the eyes. The motherland will not give up any of its compatriots. The motherland is our biggest Relying on, the pride of being a Chinese arises spontaneously. “After watching “The Journey Home”, I bought a movie ticket for “Ordinary Heroes”. I want to support such a movie based on real events and focusing on ordinary heroes around us.” Mr. Wang said.

It is worth mentioning that the film “Ordinary Heroes”, adapted from the real story of “Rescue and Rescue the Boys with Broken Arms in Hotan, Xinjiang”, has Ningbo film and television company – Zhejiang Tianlun Film Co., Ltd. participated in the joint production. After watching it, many viewers said: “This movie portrays the portrait of ordinary people well, and the plot of the race against time is exciting.”

Before the festival, the propaganda departments of all districts (counties, cities) in Ningbo, together with market supervision, cultural law enforcement and other departments, formed an inspection team to carry out epidemic prevention and control and safety production inspections in theaters.

The epidemic prevention and control work of major theaters is not slack. The staff of Ningbo Hankyu Huanying Cinemas introduced that moviegoers must have their temperature taken, hold a nucleic acid negative certificate within 72 hours, scan the venue code, show the itinerary card to enter the theater, and wear it throughout the theater. Masks, no eating and drinking. At the same time, sterilization, hall inspection and other work will be carried out in each show to ensure a safe viewing environment for each customer.Return to Sohu, see more

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