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No eyebrow makeup has the most say | Kendall Jenner | No eyebrow makeup | Hyuna

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No eyebrow makeup has the most say | Kendall Jenner | No eyebrow makeup | Hyuna

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Original title: The makeup is constantly rolling, and no eyebrow makeup has the most say

Author: TT

At the Met Gala charity dinner that just ended not long ago, Kendall Jenner’s browless makeup with bleached eyebrows as the highlight of his red carpet style made the hot search list, making the “browless” makeup look hot again.

The appearance of the “browless” makeup trend made people sigh at the ability of the Kardashian sisters to seize the hot spots, but also aroused the curiosity to try and wait and see, and the bleached eyebrows are back in the pot again!

As the top priority of makeup and the embodiment of facial spirit, eyebrows have always been an important compulsory course for makeup artists. And just as “Korean semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing” and “hair flu wild eyebrow makeup” are hot in the front, the rear has been quietly raided by “eyebrows without eyebrows”, and many fashionistas suddenly changed positions and played eyebrow disappearance. .

As a kind of retro makeup, as early as the Renaissance, European women had a popular makeup habit of shaving their eyebrows in order to show the noble temperament of a high forehead. And this bold and avant-garde style also has the effect of enhancing the sense of fashion at a time when recognition is urgently needed.

In the middle of 2021, the term eyebrow-raising has become a key word on social media such as Google and Instagram. Kim Kardashian dared to bleach his eyebrows for the effect of shooting, and eyebrow-raising was once sublimated into a way of expressing his personality and expressing himself.

This eyebrowless wind blowing from Europe and the United States makes their natural light eyebrows and deep facial features appear more three-dimensional. When the eyebrows are integrated with the skin color, the alternative beauty displayed by the weakened eyebrows begins to be noticed by everyone.

Blew your brows to a browless state, or just shave your brows.

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Perhaps because of its simple operation and friendly to novices, those who are troubled by thrushes get more choices. Use bleach-containing beard bleach products to lighten the original eyebrow color and make the eyebrows “visually disappear” temporarily, without trimming, without additional adjustment of the eyebrow shape, and without worrying about the disappearance of the original eyebrows, you can get fashionable makeup.

Blumarine 2022 spring and summer directly brought the y2k millennial retro hot girl style into the show. The lovely youthful atmosphere is about to overflow from the screen. It is a show with super sweetness.

Sweet Spice Girls can also have eyebrow-free makeup. In the dream of beautiful butterflies, they can be the most authentic self, unrestrained, and release their unique charm to the fullest.

On the Versace 2022 autumn/winter show, paired with the very impactful and colorful ready-to-wear, there is a high-cold and mysterious eyebrow-free makeup look. In too many colors, the white part of the lightened eyebrows has become a bright spot.

The gorgeous and modern feeling superimposed on the show field not only strengthens the original sense of power of women, but also gives modern women a soft feeling, which is classical and modern.

On the Gucci runway, the eyebrows always seemed to be the one that was “ignored”. On the show of the 2023 early spring collection, the eyebrows of the models were either faded or covered with sunglasses and wide brim, adding a touch of mystery to the look.

But Gucci, as always, plays with retro fashion, bringing together the tranquility and splendor of the galaxy in ready-to-wear garments. Whether it is ladies, celebrities or modern girls, they are all moving forward in the long river of time.

The Balenciaga 2023 show brought eyebrow-free makeup to the extreme. Not only did the eyebrows “disappear”, but other makeup on the face was also covered by a mask made of black latex, filling the mystery directly.

Makeup has never been defined, those bodies wrapped in black latex also show various emotions and different desires.

Browless and Eye Makeup

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As soon as Julia Fox’s new look came out, it immediately appeared on the French fashion official website. Her highly recognizable facial features are very suitable for makeup without eyebrows, and this time the eyebrows were done by Pat McGrath for her.

In the latest fashion blockbuster, Lady Gaga used browless makeup with BTW’s iconic eye makeup. .

How suitable is Mariacarla Boscono for no eyebrow makeup? The deliberately covered eyebrows not only did not make the makeup look dull, but better reflected the overall facial contour and three-dimensional sense, and the charm of the eyes was also magnified.

The use of eye makeup and eyebrow-free makeup to create AI is an avant-garde trend in the current beauty circle. The AI ​​effect that is instantly enhanced without eyebrows has the taste of a bionic person.

Fruit sister Katy Perry uses eyebrow-free styling and bold and exaggerated costumes to interpret the unique but fashionable colors of conversion, dare to challenge new things, and break the limitations of life

Wolfiecindy, a well-known ins blogger, uses a healthy wheat complexion to collide with eyebrow-free makeup to release the most natural and natural side of the body. The slightly smoky eye makeup moves upwards, extending the eyes infinitely.

Browless and Lip Makeup

The sweet and cool style is also suitable for eyebrow-free makeup. HyunA’s eyebrow-free and bangs are cute with a touch of rebellion. She is wearing a pink shirt and a blue vest, and a short denim skirt. The eyebrow-free makeup and red lips also match very well. of.

As a representative of no eyebrow makeup, Tilda Swinton attended the 75th Cannes International Film Festival with her own fairy spirit. The light eyebrows and bright red lip makeup made people call out a powerful aura.

Supermodel Kaia Gerber’s eyebrow-free makeup is paired with double ponytails, and the ghost horse elf debuts. The maple leaf red on the lips enhances the temperament, and perfectly combines cuteness and little sexy in one place.

The eldest cousin Liu Wen was also in the “eyebrowless” group. The weakened eyebrows not only did not weaken the aura of the international supermodel, but instead better reflected Liu Wen’s heroic spirit.

The beauty of eyebrow-free makeup in spring and summer is unforgettable, and the facial features are already highly recognizable. After diluting the lines of the eyebrows, they interpret their own unique charm and discover a different side. .

What is eyebrowless essence

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Shaved eyebrows is a simple and crude means.

But, don’t worry, you can achieve the freedom of “no eyebrows” just by keeping your eyebrows, just need…

Use transparent white loose powder to press the entire eyebrow in a large area to cover the color of the eyebrow itself for the first time.

Use a dark concealer and a dark loose powder to cover the eyebrows, and finally use a light concealer and a light loose powder to even out the skin tone to achieve a brow-free effect.

The eyebrow-free shape completely breaks the limitation of the original eyebrow frame, so the range of eye shadow can also be expanded to the part of the forehead above the eyebrows, showing a more cool futuristic sense.

Similarly, applying brow balm to remove the melanin of the eyebrows and make the dark eyebrows lighter, can also achieve the effect of invisible eyebrows.

Personality and fashion have always coexisted. Sometimes, the coolest trend is hidden in the different wonderful things around you.

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