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No hassle, 130 m² apartment in Rio has a cozy and minimalist decor

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No hassle, 130 m² apartment in Rio has a cozy and minimalist decor

The 50-year-old judge already lived with her student son in this duplex penthouse, 130 m²in Niterói (RS), when he decided to call the architect Livia Amendola and the engineer Romulo Camposfrom the Travessa Arquitetura office, to update and renovate the environments that bothered her the most.

– (Raiana Medina/CASACOR)

Without changing the layout of the property or changing the existing coverings, the duo’s project included the entire social area and the main suite and the replacement of the joinery in the guest bathroom and the child’s bathroom. “In general, the client wanted to have a feeling of well-being and comfort at home, which was lost over time. Furthermore, she gave us carte blanche to create”, says Livia.

– (Raiana Medina/CASACOR)

The project follows the contemporary style, without excesses and adornments. The decoration of the room has a neutral and light base, in shades of graycom touches of olive greenwith a predominance of natural materials, such as caramel leather, wood and fiber.

– (Raiana Medina/CASACOR)

“Not living environment, we use sisal rug with cotton and, in the dining area, a pendant lamp with organic shape and rattan shade”, explains Rômulo. All pieces are new, including adornments, accessories, furniture and paintings, with emphasis on the Helga chairs, the Baloon dining table and the Lessa sofa, all signed by Studioball.

– (Raiana Medina/CASACOR)

In the main suite, everything is new, including the joinery, entirely designed by the office, such as the rack below the TV, with rounded corners, satin white lacquer finish and drawers with wooden armhole handles.

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– (Raiana Medina/CASACOR)

In the office, in addition to the countertop, the wallpaper, carpet and white linen curtain are also new. “Here, the only point of color is on the balcony, set with an armchair and a side table made of yellow nautical rope”, concludes Livia.

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