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No preliminary proceedings against Till Lindemann

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No preliminary proceedings against Till Lindemann

By Anika Glatzel and Hartmut Wagner

Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann is not threatened with proceedings in Lithuania.

At the end of May, Northern Ireland’s Shelby Lynn (24) publicly claimed that she was allegedly given knockout drops at a backstage party at a Rammstein concert in Vilnius (Lithuania). She is said to have been abused afterwards. Shelby posted a deep blue hematoma on her body on social networks.

Then she clarified: “Till did NOT touch me. He accepted that I didn’t want sex with him. I never said he raped me.” The band had denied the allegations.

According to Shelby, she spoke to the local authority for five hours. The police confirmed the statement when asked by BILD, without specifying how long it lasted.

No proceedings against the Rammstein frontman

The Vilnius police have now confirmed to BILD that no investigation should be initiated against Lindemann.

After the evaluation of the necessary data one sees from it. This was first reported by the newspaper “Lietuvos rytas”.

Tomas Braženias, senior specialist in the communications sub-department of the Supreme Police Commissariat of the Vilnius district, explained why the investigation was not carried out by saying that there were no statements on the facts of the case. And the necessary documents from the Northern Ireland police were missing.

The police decision still has to be approved by the public prosecutor.

Till Lindemann’s lawyer left a BILD request unanswered until the time the article was published.

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