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No Time To Die beats F9 to become the most successful Hollywood movie of 2021

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No time to die

No time to die

2021 will be a very strange year for the Hollywood box office; despite the slow recovery of vaccines in the theater industry, ticket sales for major movies remain unchanged Signing in is only a small part of 2019.

For example: the battle for the most successful Hollywood movie of the year is being staged from time to time F9 And the long-awaited James Bond installment No time to dieIts revenue is 700 million U.S. dollars, not the over 1 billion U.S. dollars that the industry is accustomed to. (Also strange: Marvel and Disney has Dominated these conversations in the years before the pandemic, didn’t they? Even in the game, with the studio The best performance, Shangchiwith It is 431 million U.S. dollars worldwide.)

Quite turbulent this week competition, As Final date report The Bond will pullDom and the Family finally made headlines, becoming the studio’s highest-grossing film to date. (this is possible No time to die Might overthrow him West Side Story or No home Before the end of the year– Rarely bet Against any of them Steven Spielberg or Spider-Man – but these December versions will have a limited window to try to cancel it Curry wolfberry Movie Fuyong.)

Plus they like to do espionage, it’s ridiculous There are things with cars, there are These benefits have one major similarity: Well Well done outside the local box office. If we only watch the U.S., these two movies will fourth place(F9) And sixth (No time to die), behind Shangchi.

but No time to die Its international spread Appeal, withdrawal (every Box office magic) The original Bond of the United Kingdom is US$124 million, Germany is US$69 million, and China is US$57.9 million. F9with As expected, All of this was given to Chinese audiences; the film’s box office revenue in the country was US$203.8 million, surpassing the combined box office of the United States and the United Kingdom.

This may also be something we should pay attention to Do not Will appear from these movies Remotely Is about to become a reality The world’s best performers in 2021; This honor will almost certainly go Chinese nationalism turn out Battle of Changjin LakeSince opening in the first week of October, it has brought in $882 million in revenue. fightingof The numbers have slowed significantly in recent weeks, but it is still the only movie in the world Who-which perhaps The $1 billion mark was broken this year – although or possibly because someone accused the Chinese soldiers of their sequence of actions to fight the Americans in a battle during the Korean WarIt’s not just explosives Political propaganda.

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