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Node.js web full stack development practice (course syllabus)_hours_Express_requirements

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Node.js web full stack development practice (course syllabus)_hours_Express_requirements

The course “Node.js Web Full-Stack Development Practice” focuses on the application of Node.js to develop excellent Web pages, involving Node.js basic grammar, modularization, server construction, Express framework, MongoDB database operation, Ajax asynchronous request and same-origin strategy , Node.js session tracking technology, Node.js crawler implementation, etc. Through the study of this course, students can systematically master the application of Node.js in web full-stack development, and develop excellent web applications. Improve students’ interest in computer science and technology, promote students to use “computational thinking” to solve practical problems in future study and work, and comprehensively improve students’ comprehensive quality.

Curriculum design concept: The intensive practice teaching link of higher education needs to clarify the necessary sublimation of theoretical knowledge and expansion of knowledge level, and cannot be limited to pure skill training. Focusing on the cultivation of ability and taking employment as the orientation, it cultivates students to have the professional ability required for professional positions, the ability required for career development and the ability of lifelong learning, so as to realize the one-stop teaching concept.

Course design ideas: develop course content based on the work process, design teaching content in an action-oriented manner, take students as the main body, and use case (project) training as a means to design a course content system that integrates theoretical learning and skill mastery. The overall design of teaching aims at vocational skills training, takes case (project) task realization as the carrier, and combines theoretical learning with practical operation.


Teaching requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 or above.

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Development tools: Chrome browser, Visual Studio Code editor, Node.js and other tools.


The main content and basic requirements of the course

Chapter 1 Getting to Know Node.js

Chapter 2 Node.js Programming Fundamentals

Chapter 3 Asynchronous I/O

Chapter 4 Streams

Chapter 5 Node.js Web Server Development

Chapter 6 The Express Framework

Chapter 7 Static Resources

Chapter 8 Handlebars

Chapter 9 MongoDB Databases

Chapter 10 Ajax Asynchronous Requests

Chapter 11 Session Tracking

Chapter 12. Web Crawler with Node.js

Chapter 13 Network Programming

Chapter 14 Project combat: Express develops a voting management system


Class hour allocation


Assessment mode and score evaluation method

This course is an examination course, and the final examination adopts a closed-book examination mode of percentile system. Students’ test scores are composed of usual grades (30%) and final exams (70%). Among them, usual grades include attendance (5%), homework (5%), experiments and computer-based grades (20%).


Selected textbooks and main reference books


Outline Description

The teaching mode of this course is: classroom teaching + computer. Among them, the classroom is mainly taught by multimedia, and the students’ mastery is tested through the test question stage; the computer is mainly to write programs, and students are required to complete the designated programming. or verify.

Supporting reference materials

“Node.js Web Full Stack Development Practice”

Author: Qianfeng Education Higher Education Product R&D Department

Price: 59 yuan

Reply in the background of the official account book circle[9787302595342]download the teaching resources supporting this bookReturn to Sohu, see more

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