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Nominated for 17 Golden Melody Awards, Chen Jianqi is a list harvester_Music_Album_Soundtrack

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Nominated for 17 Golden Melody Awards, Chen Jianqi is a list harvester_Music_Album_Soundtrack

Original title: Nominated for 17 Golden Melody Awards, Chen Jianqi is a list harvester

The 33rd Golden Melody Awards held an award ceremony on July 2. From nominations to finalists, all of them are excellent in the Chinese music scene. As a frequent guest of the Golden Melody Awards, Chen Jianqi still did not miss this Golden Melody Awards. As the best album producer, he was shortlisted for the 33rd Golden Melody Awards and was invited to the scene of the Golden Melody Awards.

Chen Jianqi, who has won the Golden Melody Award 3 times and was shortlisted for the Golden Melody Award 17 times, participated in the program “Star Times Research Institute” hosted by Tang Qiyang on the day before the Golden Melody Award ceremony, and discussed with the theme of the Golden Melody Award. He said that the award is an affirmation of himself, and it means that he has another goal to move forward. It is reported that a total of 2w songs have signed up for the Golden Melody Awards. It can be seen that whether it is nominated or won, being able to stand out in the Golden Melody Awards is a great affirmation for the participants in music and creation.

With the lowering of the entry threshold for music, more and more people are participating in the music market, and how to make their own works stand out and become unique is more and more different from person to person. Chen Jianqi said frankly: “If there is a chance, he will choose to encourage future popularity. The necessity of awards is also to allow more people to see more possibilities of music.”

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At the 32nd Golden Melody Awards last year, Chen Jianqi won the “Best Album Producer” award for “Nobody Knows” (singer: Tian Fuzhen). In addition to being shortlisted for the Best Album Production Award for the album “HAVE A NICE DAY” this time, Chen Jianqi, Dai Peini, Wei Li’an, Ge Dawei and other producers acted as producers to produce Xu Guanghan’s first solo album “Xu Guanghan”, and Xu Guanghan also used this The album was nominated for the Golden Melody Award for Best New Artist.

It is worth mentioning that Chen Jianqi is the best behind-the-scenes driving force behind the golden songs. Best Female Singer Making Machine”. The theme song “We” of the movie “Later Us” sung by Eason Chan, the theme song “There is a Kind of Sadness” of the movie “A Story More Sad Than Sadness” sung by Alin, Rainie Yang’s “Annual Ring”, Xu Jiaying’s “Lost Sandbar” “, Liang Jingru’s “Love Song”, “Big Hands Holding Small Hands”, Yi Yang Qianxi’s “One More, Two More, Again”, etc. These songs that were or are still active in the music charts and are well-known to everyone, also have his participate.

In 2018, Chen Jianqi joined the Perfect Youth OST to create the Perfect Sound Label and served as the CEO, and the well-known musician Luo Enni served as the music director. He focused on providing soundtrack and theme song customization services for film and television works, and successively created many popular youth movie songs. And the soundtrack, the film soundtracks for the films “Secret Love: Orange Born in Huainan” and “A Week of Friends” released this year were also created by Chen Jianqi, Ronni and others.Return to Sohu, see more

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