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Not just cars, e-bikes conquer the Munich Show

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MONACO – Once upon a time there was a bicycle. Like the blue one by Fausto Coppi from 1949, with wooden rims and a rod gearbox (you had to slide the rear wheel to adjust the chain to the four gears); his is the place of honor in the small historical collection that opens the exhibition area of ​​the Salone dedicated to two wheels. All the rest is innovation, imagination, technology and electric “aids”, for today’s champions who can be professionals, courageous hikers or modest wanderers of our cities.

At the IAA Mobility 2021 there is something for everyone because the watchword of the current two wheels is specialization, with an unprecedented aesthetic and technological refinement. There are elegant city “sedans” or multi-space equipped for the family; the Kettler Quadriga is a small five-speed flagship with belt drive and 750 Wh battery that costs just under 5 thousand euros, from the same brand the Familiano LN, with a slightly higher price, offers multipurpose vocation with the possibility of mounting two child seats, bags and luggage racks. It is not enough? Here is the Cargoline FS 800 which carries up to 250 kg of cargo and costs around 8 thousand euros. For those who love the company there is the Quadriga tandem which has a continuous automatic transmission, belt transmission, 85 Nm Bosch motor and costs just over 5000 euros.

A completely different panorama for the Raymon AirRay 10.0, just 20 kg of carbon and batteries for the toughest cross, Yamaha electric motor and price of over 5500 euros; while a step higher is the Scott Patron eRide 900, with adjustable suspension, 12-speed Shimano gearbox, Bosch CX engine and 750 Wh battery, which costs almost 8 thousand euros.

If you choose elegance and practicality, Coboc proposes the Brooklyn Fat, single-speed with the “brushed aluminum” look, motor with peak power of 500 Watts and a declared autonomy of up to over 100 km, costs about 3500 euros. In the name of practicality, the Hercules Rob Fold R8 has small wheels and a folding frame, Bosch motor and standard 400 or 500 Wh batteries; costs about 3200 euros.

A mixture of technology and classic style comes from Topstone Neo Carbon with the Lefty LE, an all-terrain for speed, characterized by a traditional carbon frame (with integrated battery) but equipped with rear suspension and oversized tires, the electric motor is Bosch , the price exceeds 10 thousand euros.

A leap in versatility is the one computed by the local Fazua, which must have a sophisticated modular system that allows you to easily assemble and disassemble the electrical part (motor and battery) keeping only the connection gear fixed to the pedal axis. A way to have at the same time, according to the needs, an electrically assisted or “light” vehicle but with only the power of the legs; the project has already been adapted, and is adaptable, to any type of bicycle, road, speed or MBK.


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