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November game information: Many new open world works show off their muscles Blizzard NetEase tore players into distress

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November game information: Many new open world works show off their muscles Blizzard NetEase tore players into distress

Original title: November game intelligence: Many new open world works show off their muscles Blizzard NetEase tore players into disaster

Every week[Hot Tour Information]we will take stock of the hot game news of the week for everyone, and the total sum of one month is not a lot, so which news hot spots are worth reviewing, and what are the new ones after the node? progress?

Key points: the version number will be released in November. All major manufacturers are happy to add a software copyright suspension. The version number may be suspended.

On November 17, the National Press and Publication Administration announced a new batch of game version number approval information. This time, a total of 70 games were approved, including 2 client games, 5 multi-platform interoperable games, and the remaining 63 games Mobile gaming.

Unlike the previous batches of edition numbers, which rarely had works from major manufacturers, this batch of edition numbers can be said to be full of rain and dew. Most large and medium-sized manufacturers have received long-lost rewards, and Tencent and NetEase have finally reaped something.

Among them, Tencent’s new mobile game “Metal Slug: Awakening”, Netease’s “A Chinese Journey to the West: Return”, Yuzu’s “Taiwu Painting Scroll”, and games like Xishanju, Lilith, Candle Dragon, Xindong, Perfect, Giant, Taomi Many other manufacturers have obtained version numbers for their new works.

The release of these long-lost new version numbers has also given major manufacturers a sigh of relief in the crisis, which is a good thing.

However, shortly after the release of the version number, the China Copyright Protection Center issued a piece of bad news. On November 24, the China Copyright Protection Center issued the “China Copyright Protection Center Suspension of Accepting Mail Application Materials for Software Copyright Registration” Notice”, which means that subsequent games will temporarily not be able to obtain the “Computer Software Copyright”, and at the same time lose the qualification to apply for a version number.

In fact, based on Dr. X’s understanding of version numbers, the current suspension of this business should not affect the issuance of version numbers within a few months. After all, the version numbers that have been applied for and are ready to apply will not be affected. Game companies They will also apply for copyright in the early stage of game production, and players should see the release of new version numbers in the next few months.

Key points: Blizzard and Netease split up and the recharge window will close soon, allowing Warcraft players to “stop the service in advance”

The biggest excitement in the game circle this month is the divorce between Blizzard and Netease. Dr. X is watching the movie with a small bench and melon seeds in the front row every day, enjoying himself.

Blizzard, Netease, and the people who watched the fun were all happy after a wave of tearing that everyone loved. Blizzard successfully lowered the stock price. Although it was sued by shareholders, it also won the favor of Microsoft’s father. The future will be the same It tastes good and drinks spicy.

NetEase got rid of the unprofitable hot potato, and its other works also took this opportunity to rush into the hot search, not to mention absorbing “Blizzard refugees”, and even played a wave of free advertisements.

In the end, only Blizzard players on the national server were injured. Some players, Ghost Tiger, hadn’t paid off their loan yet, and now they are facing the shutdown of the game server.

The World of Warcraft players who didn’t buy Ghost Tiger are not much better. Because Netease closed the recharge window of Blizzard game on November 23, players couldn’t renew their monthly card. Many players were unable to experience the new version due to the expiration of the time period, and were forced to become “Blizzard refugees” two months in advance.

Perhaps because of the demands of the majority of Warcraft players, NetEase temporarily announced yesterday that it has added a recharge channel. For players who want to experience 10.0, or want to say goodbye to Warcraft, they finally opened a month of game time to purchase rights.

Netease’s move is to understand the people’s sentiments and win the hearts of the people, and truly “serve the players until the last moment”. However, it seems that this right can only be used if the game time of the account is completely zeroed?

Finally, back to Blizzard and Netease, their breakup is almost a foregone conclusion. In addition to many troublesome issues such as the imported version number and the difficulty of finding a follow-up Panxia, ​​I am afraid that it will be difficult for Blizzard games to appear in the domestic market in a short period of time.

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[Hot spots for new tours this month]

Highlights: A large number of new open-world works announced this month. The female frequency giant Zhizhi actually announced two open-world works.

A rare scene occurred this month. Major manufacturers have recently released their new open world works, intending to set foot in this blue ocean market that has been dominated by “Original God” and “Magic Tower” for two years.

The first to bear the brunt are the two new open world works under the Zhizhi game. As a traditional female game manufacturer, Zhizhi not only announced the new open world work of the Nuan Nuan series “Infinite Nuan Nuan” this month, which uses a gameplay similar to the adventure of a magical girl. Created a new era of dress up games.

At the same time, stacking paper also set its sights on male players, and brought a new open world work “Hundred Faces and Thousand Faces” for players who are keen on hardcore combat.

After experiencing the first PV revelations and the follow-up DEMO test live broadcast, the high degree of completion of “Hundred Faces and Thousand Phases” has been shown to players. This game has attracted countless fans, and it has also gained millions of players in an instant without too much publicity.

When “Hundred Faces and Thousand Phases” was in the limelight, the IP adaptation of “Glory of the King” “Glory of the King: The World” also quietly announced a new real machine demonstration, but the demonstration of the world of the king is just a few simple battles Scene switching, neither real machine operation nor specific UI and system introduction, is purely just a preview of the broadcast, which also makes many players find it difficult to accept.

What’s more, judging from the level of “Glory of the King: World“, the game is far from the “pseudo-real machine” announced that year, and the huge gap has also attracted many dissatisfied voices.

Now it seems that there have been more than 6 open world mobile games released this year alone, and all major manufacturers have also participated. In the next 1-2 years, this field may become very lively.

Key points: “Blue Agreement” has finally officially announced that it has been revived after two years of disappearance

This month, the new semi-open world MMO “Blue Protocol”, which has disappeared for two years, officially announced its resurrection.

In the recent official live broadcast, Bandai officials explained to the players the remaking of the combat system in the game in the past two years, and announced the cancellation of weapon enhancements, skill trees and other development mechanisms that would cause players to encounter trouble, focusing on combat aspects to upgrade.

According to the official demo, after the rework, the smoothness of the game’s combat gameplay has been greatly enhanced. The rigidity of traditional MMO moves and stops has been cancelled, replaced by a smooth action-based combat mode. The game changes from traditional MMO to It’s more like an ARPG game.

At present, Bandai is expected to announce a new trailer on TGA on December 8, and interested players may wish to pay attention.

Highlights: Squeaky victory! The popularity of “NIKEE” attracts investment from Saudi tycoons

Since the launch of “Goddess of Victory: NIKKE” on November 4th, the game has been just like her name, leading Tencent and Kim Hyung-tae to victory with shyness. The amazing record of 100 million US dollars in 18 days after the game’s launch also declares ” Astringency is the driving force behind krypton gold”.

Not only that, as an influential two-dimensional mobile game in the global market after “Yuan Shen”, “Goddess of Victory: NIKKE” even attracted the favor of Saudi oil guys. Not long ago, the Deputy Minister of Investment of Saudi Arabia Went to South Korea to visit Kim Hyung Tae and signed a partnership with him.

It’s just that Dr. X wants to say, with this ass and clothing, can you pass the trial in the Middle East?

NIKKE, on the other hand, seems to feel that he is not rough enough, and plans to continue to launch more cool characters and skins in subsequent updates. One thing to say, isn’t this more fierce than a certain 3A butter?

Different from the exquisite level of the game’s appearance, NIKKE’s gameplay is very old and boring. There are countless content of various hang-ups and stacking combat power, which has also made it criticized by many players as “merely superficial”.

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But since the oil guys don’t mind, what does the player’s dissatisfaction have to do with a certain factory that has always been based on the past.

Key points: COD Battlefield 2 is extremely hot, but it seems difficult for domestic players to experience the full game

This month “Call of Duty: Warzone 2” was officially launched. As a free chicken game of the COD series, Warzone has always been popular with players. “CS: GO” became the number one hot list on Steam.

The reason for such popularity, Dr. X believes, is inseparable from the high reputation of the theater and the optimization of the new work on the previous one. “Theatre 2” not only adds a lot of new equipment, maps, and gameplay mechanisms, but also By making the client into an independent client, players can start playing Warzone 2 directly without downloading COD19, which is very convenient.

The only problem is that there are too many people playing “Battlefield 2” at present, causing the server to be very stuck, and due to the initial BUG and regional server problems, the current experience of domestic players is actually not particularly good.

In addition, the newly added DMZ mode in the game has been advertised as a “Tarkov”-like gameplay before. Who knows that players enter and find out that it is actually an upgraded version of the gold-winning mode, which is a bit of a publicity scam.

But putting aside these problems, “Battlefield 2” is still a work worth experiencing.

Highlights: South Korea’s Gstar announced a large number of new works Unreal 5 engine has become the mainstream of the new era

At the South Korean Gstar exhibition held this month, a large number of new Korean games were announced, among which is the new series of “Ancient Century 2”, which is currently being represented by Tencent.

Different from the immaturity of the first generation, “The Ancient Century 2” built with the Unreal 5 engine has shown amazing image performance in the promotional real machine. The high-level picture quality of the game and the gorgeous flames that burst out when the characters fight Effects make this new era of MMORPG extraordinarily special.

Not only that, this exhibition also announced a variety of end games such as the FPS online game “LLL” and “DNF” similar to “Destiny 2”, two new IP derivatives such as “Aris” and “I Upgrade Alone”. “,” Legend of Ymir” and many other new works, for players, there are still a lot of playable content.

As far as the sincerity shown by Hanyou is concerned, although the legendary mobile games are still in power and look like they have fallen from the altar, they are at least much better than domestic manufacturers with 68 mobile games out of 70 version numbers.

【Online game dynamics】

Focus: “The Elder Scrolls OL” official Sinicization overturned, fortunately, the official promptly restored the image

After the official Chinese version of “The Elder Scrolls OL” was released this month, it was quickly exposed to being overturned. Many tasks in the game were quite broken during the overturning.

In this regard, many players said that although the Chinese translation of the game is not right, but based on years of experience in translating the Chinese translation, they can still barely understand what it means.

Dr. X can only say that it is indeed a unique brain supplement technology for Chinese players, and the word order does not affect reading at all.

This matter still brought a great word-of-mouth crisis to “The Elder Scrolls OL”. Fortunately, the game immediately recognized the problem, and quickly organized staff to re-translate the problematic text. Now “The Elder Scrolls OL” can be experienced normally up.

Highlights: “DNF” Carnival announces a lot of content Bakar team is coming

This month, the DNF Carnival came as scheduled. At the regular new content conference of the carnival, players saw that the long-delayed “Bakani” finally announced that it would be launched on December 22, and also saw the brand-new big cake drawn by the official .

In this big cake, the first thing to bear is the 12-person Raid raid group Bakal’s fortified battle. This will be the most critical raid in the next six months, and it will also be the main source of new equipment for players. At present, this version has been tentatively scheduled to be launched in version 1.12, but since Bakani has been delayed for several months, the copy is likely to be postponed.

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At the same time, there is also a new character class “Archer” in this big cake. Currently, this character has two job changes. One is the Muse who assists in positioning. There are four milk-type occupations, whose function is to use music to provide buffs to teammates, similar to poets in FF14.

The second job transfer category is traveler, whose positioning is output occupation. At present, it seems that the character’s attack is very gorgeous, and it must have a relatively high value at the beginning of its debut, but it is hard to say whether it will be hacked into the sewer in the future. It gives people a feeling of roaming Gunslinger II, and Dr. X recommends playing with milk anyway.

Not only that, but the Carnival also announced plans to redo the roles of Mech God of War, Avenger, and Shadow Dancer. Anyway, everyone is a sewer, so it doesn’t matter how to change them.

Key points: “Legend 4” releases a new profession “Mafia”, which can suck blood to restore physical strength

Hanbok “Legend 4” launched a new class “Mafia” on November 24.

“Black Taoist” is a profession that uses forbidden Taoism to attack. One of the skills of the “Black Taoist” is to absorb the opponent’s blood and restore physical strength.

On the other hand, “Legend 4” also recently updated a new gameplay “Sabac Hegemony”. “Sabac Hegemony” is a brand new world siege battle in “Legend 4”. The final winner will rule the world and become the only “Emperor” of the Legendary Continent.

[This month’s outage & resurrection news]

Focus: This month, players who have revived many games can play the mobile game of Warcraft again?

In November, there are still many games that have been reincarnated, including the “World of Warcraft” mobile game that was so cool early.

You must know that before Blizzard and Netease broke up, it had already been reported that Blizzard had terminated the “World of Warcraft” mobile game project that it cooperated with Netease. Now players have discovered that Blizzard is recruiting for a new project. The work of this project is a The never-before-disclosed Warcraft IP mobile game.

In addition, South Korea’s 2006 public beta work “Lunia Wars” also ushered in the day of resurrection. Back then, this 3D titled “Lunia Wars” was undoubtedly a top-notch work. Not to mention the excellent game content, the gameplay was also called by the media as a work that surpassed DNF.

But in fact, this game ushered in the outage of the national server as early as 2009. After the Korean server underwent a screen rework, it also ended the journey hastily in 2012. Now that the game can be released again, Dr. X can only say that there is still true love Fan is looking forward to it.

In addition, Tencent’s “Master of Rhythm” and “Super Run”, which was once represented by Shanda, also announced the start of testing this month, but “Super Run” changed its agent and is now under Chuangtian Interactive Entertainment. game.

The reincarnation of these two classic works may also make the old players who once loved them feel a little warm.

Highlights: The outage continues and Tencent once again cuts into game projects

This month’s outage is still going on, and Blizzard and Netease have such a big rhythm. I won’t mention it any more. A large number of its works cannot be played. Now Blizzard refugees can only look for replacement products on the market to make up for their injuries. Mind up.

In addition, Tencent, the “big project hacker” that appeared in Dr. X’s suspension of games countless times this year, cut another one in November. The two-dimensional action mobile game “Above Qimen” announced this month that it will The operation of the game will be officially stopped on January 16, 2023.

Why, don’t you want Netease to cut the meat alone? There should also be one to accompany the outage.

“Above Qimen” is an action role-playing game with random elements and anime style. The original name of the game is “Gods Above”, which was launched on the Steam platform. Later, new content was added, the gameplay was optimized, and it was transplanted into the mobile game “Above the Qimen”. The server was launched last year. Interested players can still play it on the Steam platform. of this game.Return to Sohu to see more

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