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Nozomi Sasaki Fujioka Indigo and many other Japanese artists diagnosed with the new crown are worrying | Nozomi Sasaki_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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Original title: Sasaki Nozomi, Fujioka Indigo and many other Japanese artists have been diagnosed with the new crown, which is worrying Source: Ao Hitomi’s perspective

Shingo Fujimori, Nozomi Sasaki, Dean Fujioka, Eiji Kotoge

According to Japanese media reports, the new crown virus epidemic in Japan continued to spread. On January 24, more than 8,000 people were newly infected in Tokyo, and the number of new infections in Japan exceeded 40,000. The entertainment industry has also successively infected artists. Nozomi Sasaki, Indigo Fujioka, etc. The situation of contracting the new crown at work is worrying.

A number of comedians have been infected with the new crown virus before, including Fujimori Shingo of the comedy group Oriental Radio, two members of Frostfall Star and Seiya, Fujisaki Market’s Tasaki Yuichi, AKINA’s Yamana Fumi and VIKING’s Kotoge Eiji and so on. In addition, the popular model Takahashi Ai and his wife are both infected, actors and singers FIRST SUMMER UIKA, Kojima Ruriko, voice actor Suwabe Junichi who dubbed the animation “The Prince of Tennis” Atobe Keigo, and the “Hypnosis Microphone” series Yumeno fantasy Soma Saito, voiced by Taro, and the idol group SKE48 Suda Akari were all tested positive for the new crown.

Many artists in Johnny’s Office were also infected, including Onishi Meteor, Takahashi Kyouhei, and Fujiwara Joichiro of Naniwa Man. In addition, due to the impact of some staff members infected with the new crown, the performance of Johnny’s Office had to be suspended. The stage play “JOHNNYS’Island THE NEW WORLD” starring Johnny Jr. was all suspended until the final performance on January 26. The reason It is the person concerned who has just been confirmed to be infected with the new crown.

Actors Indigo Fujioka, Shigemichi Hayami, Aya and Heiyama, Aya Chi Chu, Kyoko Yoshine and Nozomi Sasaki are infected with the new crown. Among them, Nozomi Sasaki starred in the Japanese drama “I Won’t Give My Daughter to YouTuber!” “The test results of the crew showed that a total of 11 related people were positive.

In the days when she felt the threat of the virus, model Nicole Fujita updated her social platform on January 24 and said: “Because of work reasons, I can’t wear a mask to protect myself many times, and I’m afraid every day.” This represents the voice of many artists, even if they do In order to prepare for the virus, masks cannot be worn all the time on the filming site, and there will inevitably be a risk of infection. After all, the new crown virus is still very strong, and it can be said that everyone in the Japanese entertainment industry is anxious.

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