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NYPD picks Mustang. But they will only be electric cars

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NYPD chose. By 2022, the police forces of the American metropolis will be equipped with Ford Mustang vehicles. But those who expect the roar of the engines during the chases along the streets of New York will be disappointed: the New York Police Department has preferred the hiss of an electric motor, that of the Mustang Mach E with the power and noise of the horses of a combustion engine. autonomy of 610 kilometers and a power range of 98.8 kWh.

For now, the police have ordered 200 Ford Mustang Mach E, 184 of which will be delivered by June 2022. But the final goal, expected by 2035, is to replace all vehicles equipped with electrically powered vehicles. The appropriation already provides for the purchase, by this year, of 1250 electric cars for all uses in the control of the city.

“Law enforcement vehicles are the largest and most visible part of our city’s equipment. The decision to purchase the all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E will allow our Metropolitan Police to put this model to the test and verify its maintenance, uptime and fast charging issues. It’s a critical step towards our goal of a fully electric fleet, “said Keith Kerman, New York Police Vehicle Fleet Manager.

“Every vehicle we replace with an electric vehicle is a step forward in promoting clean air and a climate-friendly New York. We are making sure our law enforcement and patrol vehicles shed past polluting fuels and move closer to a greener future, “said Ben Furnas, director of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Climate and Sustainability. .

To date, the Department of the Environment has installed 29 fast chargers for the NYPD and 103 fast chargers throughout the city. Over the course of 2022, another 275 additional charging units will be installed.

Thus, with electric vehicles supplied to the New York police and with the ongoing project to replace all taxis in the American metropolis with battery-powered cars, the city takes another big step towards the elimination of combustion engines.


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