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OCTOPLOID – New band from the AMORPHIS bassist

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OCTOPLOID – New band from the AMORPHIS bassist

OCTOPLOID, the new band of the AMORPHIS bassist, will release their debut album “Beyond The Aeons” on July 5th, 2024 via Reigning Phoenix Music; The first preview song will be released on April 19th!

It was a long-held dream of AMORPHIS bassist Olli-Pekka “Oppu” Laine, who has an extensive history as a songwriter, to immerse himself in a variety of musical influences and fuse them into something of his own. The result is his new band OCTOPLOID. Their debut album, entitled »Beyond The Aeons«, is now scheduled to be released on July 5, 2024 via Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM), adding another dazzling piece to the growing label’s roster puzzle.

Opposite commented: “I’ve dreamed of making music all by myself for a really long time, which is why OCTOPLOID represents a truly remarkable point in my career. However, the creation of the album required the right moment, the right collaborators and the right attitude in order to be accomplished successfully. My musical roots still lie in metal from the 80s and 90s as well as prog rock from the 70s. All of this enriched with psychedelic and stoner rock, the basis of »Beyond The Aeons« is actually pretty well described.”

The group mixes various styles on the record, which may seem daring at first glance, but in return it brought them a wide variety of guests, so that a complex mix of sounds that could be described as “classic death prog” awaits the listener.

“I really appreciate being able to work with such talented musicians and such a great production team, as well as the opportunity to travel the world with my bandmates and get to know numerous metal greats. In addition, I have the great people at Reigning Phoenix Music supporting me on this new path, which makes things even more exciting for me,added Oppu.

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RPM-A&R representative Ute Linhart added: “Our label family is extremely pleased that AMORPHIS bassist Oppu has also decided to entrust us with his solo project in order to work on new projects together with RPM in the future, like his main band.”

In addition to his formative bass playing, which he otherwise contributes to the AMORPHIS sound, Oppu also appears on keyboard, guitar and vocals and his bandmates – Mikko Pietinen (drums), Peter Salonen (guitar) and Kim Rantala (keyboard), complemented by live singer Mikko Kotamäki (SWALLOW THE SUN) – will certainly contribute to a long creative OCTOPLOID future.

Even if it cannot be denied that »Beyond The Aeons« brings with it plenty of familiar elements, from April 19, 2024 it will be up to the fans to decide which journey OCTOPLOID’s music will take them on. The first digital single, ‘Human Amoral’, can already be reserved here: https://octoploid.rpm.link/humanamoralPR


OCTOPLOID is Olli-Pekka Laine’s (bass, keyboard, backing vocals; AMORPHIS, BARREN EARTH, MANNHAI) solo band. Their founding in 2022 resulted in their debut album »Beyond The Aeons«, which will now be released on July 5th, 2024 via Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM). On this, elements of 90s death/black metal meet 70s prog rock and 90s psychedelic rock, which is what OCTOPLOID’s material describes, among other things “classic death prog” brought in and ensures that their music leaves its own mark on the scene map.

The core band around Laine consists of four other musicians: The experienced and versatile drummer Mikko Pietinen brings an impressive range of influences – from stoner rock (MANNHAI) to Finnish mainstream pop rock (including KASMIR) – while guitarist Peter Salonen (THE KINKY THING; the band plays covers of the Finnish psychedelic rock legends KINGSTON WALL) is a relatively unknown quantity within the metal world. The quintet is completed by keyboardist Kim Rantala (ex-AMORPHIS) and singer Mikko Kotamäki (including SWALLOW THE SUN; live).


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Mikko Kotamäki | Gesang (live)
Peter Salonen | guitar
Kim Rantala | Keyboard
Olli-Pekka Laine | Bass, keyboard, backing vocals
Mikko Pietinen | Drums, percussion


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