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Official comeback Show Luo laughs at himself as “old and fat” – Guangming Daily

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At the beginning of last year, Luo Zhixiang was revealed by his ex-girlfriend Zhou Yangqing about “multiplayer sports” and cheating on Kai Le. His image plummeted. During this period, he was hidden for a while, and then made frequent comebacks. Recently, he announced his comeback and released a new single “TRAP GAME”. “. He hadn’t filmed a MV for two years. He said frankly that he gained 83 kg during this period, and he was the fattest in his acting career. He even laughed at himself: “I’m really going to faint. When I stand in front of the mirror and look at myself, my God. , When I only saw the round belly and there was nothing, I felt that it was really not good right now!”

In order to lose weight, Luo Zhixiang not only skips 1 hour of aerobic and 1 hour of retraining every day, but also strictly abstains from starch. He hadn’t eaten rice for more than a month. He finally ate a bento on the day of filming the MV, and “reunited” with starch. He joked, “I was moved to eat until I was able to eat, and my tears kept streaming!”

Luo Zhixiang’s new single will be released globally on the 20th. This song has a friend Yang Lin to write lyrics. The MV is also on the same day. Because that day happens to be Luo Zhixiang’s mother’s birthday, it can be said to be of special significance. Asked about the next work plan after the comeback? The agency said: “There will be works to meet with you one after another, and the singles will be released one after another. The performance plan is also being planned. Please look forward to it.”

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