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Official media high-profile criticizes Li Yundi for citing public distaste | China | Pianist | Li Yundi |

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[Voice of Hope October 23, 2021](Reported by Li Yuan, Voice of Hope reporter)

Chinese pianist Li Yundi broke outAfter the “prostitution” incident, it was completely banned by the CCP. A number of CCP official media groups siege and suppress Li Yundi. Sina Weibo also banned Li Yundi. The state media’s public criticism method aroused the resentment of the mainland people.

On the evening of the 21st, Beijing Chaoyang Public Security Bureau notified that Li Yundi was under administrative detention for prostitution.

After that, the Li Yundi incident quickly made it into the top two in the hot search on Weibo and Baidu in mainland China.Many state media of the Chinese Communist Party even started to criticize and criticize, the “People’s Daily” said“Black and white keyboards are not allowed to be involved in pornography.” CCTV even claimed that Li Yundi regarded the national law as being innocent and not living.

Some netizens disclosed that on the 23rd, at least 580 media across the country reported the Li Yundi incident.

Li Yundi, known as the piano prince, was once touted by the CCP media.

The Chinese Communist Party’s official media once reported that in Chongqing, Li Yundi is the city’s name card. In 2009 he was electedOne of Chongqing’s image ambassadors, the then Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Bo Xilai, personally handed him the card.

Li Yundi has also served as a member of the Chongqing CPPCC Standing Committee, a member of the Standing Committee of the All-China Youth Federation, and a vice chairman of the Hong Kong Youth Federation.Most of Li Yundi’s posts on Weibo are so-calledThe remarks of loving the party and the country are in line with official standardsLittle pink”.

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Such a little pink Li Yundi with countless auras and honors was abandoned by the CCP overnight.

After the incident, a number of CCP institutions or government departments related to Li Yundi one after anotherExpress their views.” Such as the cancellation of Li Yundi’s membership by the Chinese Musicians’ Association; the Guangzhou Municipal Government terminates the hiring of Li YundiThe image spokesperson of Guangzhou city.” Li Yundi’s related works have also beenRemoved from the entire network”.

However, the CCP’s cultural revolution-style violent criticism has aroused many people’s disgust.

Netizens left a message saying that prostitution is more serious than deliberate homicide and can’t live anymore? Should the one who cares for the lover make a decisive decision?

There are also comments that officials holding public powers engaging in power and money transactions are more harmful than celebrity prostitution and directly affect economic development and social security and stability.

Many officials have been arrested for prostitution, but they rarely report them. Public notification of whoring by artists is a typical selective notification.

Others believe that such reports by the media violated Li Yundi’s right to privacy.

On October 22, Professor Han Xu of the Law School of Sichuan University, and the mainland “Chinese Philanthropist” magazine all published articles stating that from a legal perspective, public security organs have no right to publicize this kind of prostitution that involves personal privacy.

As for why Li Yundi was abandoned by the party, the outside world generally believes that the CCP is trying to divert current public opinion hotspots, such as the EU-China Gold case and the Shenyang explosion, which are of general concern to the public.

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