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Omegna, the parish priest opens the new cycle of “School of life”

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«The answer to our torments in this time of pandemic comes to us, once again, from the words of Jesus». This is how Don Gianmario Lanfranchini, parish priest of Omegna, explains the choice to open the new “School of life” exhibition wanted by the councilor for culture Sara Rubinelli, on Christmas Eve. “Language through listening helps us to discover things, to evoke hope, to read within ourselves – says the parish priest of Omegna who is holding the first meeting today – Jesus spoke using parables so that everyone could understand him and today more than we never need to understand to overcome the events that seem to overwhelm us. Let’s try to listen and we will certainly find the answers to our questions ».

It is no coincidence that the series of meetings desired by the councilor arrives in the days of Advent and will be opened by Don Lanfranchini and the theme is that of the parables of Jesus. It starts today (Saturday 4) at 3 pm at the Omegna Oratory (same time and place as the other meetings).

It will continue on the two following Saturdays, 11 and 18. The second appointment will have as speaker the director of the Forum Alberto Poletti and will have the task of bringing those who listen to him into the fantastic world, but a metaphor of life, which is that of fairy tales starting from the classic ones and up to contemporary authors. “Once upon a time: the most beautiful fairy tales tell” is the title of the meeting. «Explain what the fairy tale is and what it is for. Here is what I intend to do – adds Poletti – the purpose of the story is not to make the child believe that the dragon exists, but to convince him that the dragon can be defeated and therefore to use this kind of creative fantasy as an educational tool. In this way critical thinking develops, enriches oneself through the narration of values ​​which, in the case of the little ones, help them to grow ».

Through the fairy tale, we have always entered the world of adults and this is precisely the Omegnese Gianni Rodari he was extraordinary in letting children experience the power of imagination.

To summarize the spirit of School of life, it is Sara Rubinelli who will close the cycle by referring to the Greek myths seen as a mirror of our vices

and merits. «The Greek myths reflect our defects, our passions and

speaking of the great stories, they can help us understand how we are and what we want – concludes Rubinelli – the exhibition was designed precisely for this: Christmas is not just a celebration, but above all it is the time of Advent, of spirituality read through the parables of Jesus, the fairy tales , the Greek myths: narrative moments of universal significance ».

To participate, you must register on the website www.visitomegna.it and have a Green pass.

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