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On the bike on asphalt and ice, comes the interchangeable tread

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ROME – Going from asphalt to dirt, snow and ice with the bike is now possible in a matter of seconds. The solution that allows you to ride safely on any road surface comes from the Norwegian start-up Retyre which has developed a system with which to easily change the “skin” of tires in complete safety.

In practice, reTyre is a modular system of tires with interchangeable treads, called “Skins”, equipped with a patented and integrated zip-on technology, which allows the tread to be adapted to the needs of the moment in a few seconds. The system consists of two modules, namely the basic tire reTyre One, a fast and smooth road tire with integrated zip-on technology, and the reTyre Skins, treads that can be connected to the zip, designed for different road conditions. Currently 4 Skin variants are available (winter studded light, heavy studded for ice, trail and gravel / multiterrain).

The base cover behaves like any classic tire, while the integrated hinges offer the additional functionality for the different surfaces to cross. With reTyre, users can change the tread pattern in less than 30 seconds and the Skins are lightweight and foldable and easily portable in the backpack. The third generation of the system benefits from the perfected zip-on technology with unique stainless steel hinges (developed in collaboration with the specialist Sintef), the new Skin technology for ultra-thin and resistant coatings, improved rubber compounds and tested in different environments difficult.

The validity of the reTyre system has been recognized globally, with presence in some of the largest international sports chains, distributors and online stores in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Greenland, Austria, Japan, France, South Korea and the UK. In 2020 the reTyre online store sold out the most popular winter products in less than 3 weeks already at the beginning of the season.

It should also be noted that last month in the Österreichischer automobile motorrad und touring club test on winter tires for bicycles and e-bikes, the reTyre system obtained the highest score of all participants. “The mission of reTyre is to improve mobility and provide innovative products that add flexibility and safety to its users – explain Sigmund Andenes and Paul Amundsen founder of reTyre – We are proud to be recognized as a leader of the cycling trend throughout the year. means a great focus on cycling, eliminating obstacles and making winter cycling easy and fun.

We are thrilled to be able to say that we are successfully fulfilling our mission, we have many novice winter cyclists among customers. We want to educate people and help them make cycling their lifestyle all year round ”. The modular system can be purchased online on the buy.retyre.co website (for Italy the shipping costs are 15 euros) where you can select the type and size of the desired tires.


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