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On the walls of Bologna the cry of pain of Afghan women

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On the walls of Bologna the cry of pain of Afghan women

«Bread, work and freedom – Afghan women ask for it»: with this motto the protests of Afghan women shore up the central Via dell’Indipendenza, in Bologna, with indignation. The reference is unequivocal: the three words are a real programmatic manifesto born within the protests conducted by Afghan women last August.

The anniversary is the bleak one of August 15, 2021, when Kabul fell at the hands of the Taliban: a moment that for the Afghan people – and especially women and girls – marked the beginning of the end of the already few hard-won freedoms. in the years preceding the withdrawal of US troops.

The exhibition lasts throughout October
How much the life of Afghan women has changed in recent months, from the ban on wearing perfumes to listening to non-religious music, the Bolognese walls tell thanks to CHEAP Festival, the festival that gives voice to contemporary themes through posters from all over the world and which today promotes a new public art intervention.

All at the Lumiére cinema
Created together with the non-profit organization WeWorld – an organization that has defended the rights of women and children in the world for half a century -, the installation will be presented to the city on 6 October at 7.30 pm at the Cinema Lumière in Piazzetta Pasolini on the occasion of the opening of the 16th edition of the Earth. di Tutti Film Festival, the social cinema review, meetings and events scheduled from 6 to 11 October.

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